Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

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Who do they think they are, telling me when I can vote.

Who do they think they are, telling me when I can vote.

Some kind of rigged Democracy this is!!

by Count De La Perrelle

Looking out of my window today and seeing the beginnings of a blue sky after the horrible storms of the last few days, I began to wonder if the coming British General Election in June will have even half a chance of brightening up any Brexit skies and offer a modicum of sensibility to this Tory mishmash
of a fast put together flimsy right wing excuse of abandoning the EU.

The referendum was, in my opinion, not quite democratic as many of us British Citizens (immigrants) were not allowed to vote because of the 15 year rule and many others were apparently denied their democratic right under EU and British democracy rules because although they did apply for the proxy papers in time and were registered to vote in UK during the last fifteen years and sent off the filled in documents, many did not receive the required
papers/documents in time before the referendum vote!!

Tory’s broken promises. It seems the Tory Government in the UK who promised to scrap this voting rule have reneged on their promise, which they made in October to scrap the time limit, no surprise there. In a letter to ‘The New Europeans.net’ campaign group on Friday, the Cabinet Office said that “unfortunately” British citizens who had lived abroad for longer than fifteen years would not be entitled to vote on 8 June. The letter has prompted a furious reaction from Britons living abroad, and in Europe in particular, with campaign groups accusing the Conservatives of breaking yet another promise.

Nathan Lappin of the constitution group in the Cabinet Office told ‘The New Europeans’ that “there is not sufficient time to change the relevant primary and secondary legislation to enfranchise all British expats, scrapping the 15- year time limit, ahead of the dissolution of parliament before the general election”. Frankly readers, I think this is outrageous and totally unfair, especially to those of us living in Europe and who will no doubt face challenges post Brexit.

The Majority of the people most affected by this decision are just regular people who have decided for reasons of their own to live in another European Country. It does not mean they feel less British, in fact they are usually very proud of their Country, so why in heavens name should they be disallowed a vote just because the British Government has failed again to honour its promise! Many of these British residents abroad have spent their lives working and paying into the system. Some even still pay British Taxes. I think it is disgusting and disgraceful for any Government can disregard so many of its Citizens.



I wonder if there is an alternative reason? Of course this is a personal opinion but after some extensive research it appears that there are around three million British ‘ex patriots’ living in different European Countries. This is a subjective figure of course as not all of them bother to register with their relevant local Governments. It has though crossed my mind and no doubt other people have considered this, that if we all had been able to vote in the Referendum then the three plus million votes from us all in Europe would have negated the referendum result.

Of course I am fully aware that not all British ex Patriots would have voted to remain. Now that raises another bone of contention I have. I watched a program on TV a few weeks ago where the commentators were asking the British ‘Enclaves’ in various parts of our adopted Country here in Spain which referendum. I was surprised and absolutely flabbergasted to hear them say that they were very happy for Britain to leave the EU and to be released from the so called constraints of the EU, reduce immigration and to gain back our British Parliamentary Sovereignty!

They said this whilst sipping on Sangria and laying in the sunshine on the Costa would you believe. I have pondered this for some time now and I still cannot think of any feasible reason for anyone who lives in Spain or another European Country where you have a home and/or work or run a business enjoying the freedom of movement that we all respect….then why oh why would you vote for Brexit?

In my opinion………and pardon the clichés In my opinion and after all that is what this article is….I feel that many British Ex Patriots should really study and consider
exactly what the outcome of any Brexit deal will mean for us all. To those of you who consider that leaving the EU will have no affect on us living here….well I think you
may have been wearing your rose-coloured glasses a little too long, so pull your head out of the sand or your ass whichever is deeper and start considering how all of this may affect our lives here and just what we can all do about it.

Please if you have not already done so do get yourself on to the local Padron and register. Money can then be claimed by our local Councils towards the local infrastructure. Also do all the paperwork and get yourself fully resident here. The more of us that are registered and on the pardon then the more strings the foreign offices have to their various bows. We Brits don’t like to make a fuss but maybe for once we had better seriously consider it.

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