Wednesday, 12th August 2020

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Hearts ageing faster than their owners, reveals Bupa

Hearts ageing faster than their owners, reveals Bupa

A press release sent in by Sonia Fendley, director of STM Nummos Life S.L.

Heart disease is the no.1 cause of death globally (according to the British Heart Foundation):

  • Line of work can impact heart health with teachers and medical professionals’ hearts in the best condition.
  • Workplace health initiatives can help to improve heart health.
  • Bupa partners with the World Heart Federation for Hearts at Work campaign, to mobilise workplaces to be heart healthy.

High level research by Bupa has revealed that the average working person’s ‘heart age’ is 3.3 years above their actual age and that there is a relationship between jobs and heart health. Research also showed that the heart age of people who work in an environment where workplace health initiatives are in place tends to be lower.

Different occupations and heart health Manual workers and employees within the transport and logistics and construction sectors were found to have the worst heart health, with lifestyle risk factors for heart disease such as smoking being extremely high within these industries. Teachers and those working in medicine had the best heart health, with a heart age which was on average 2.8 and 2 years older than their physical age.

For Hearts at Work, a campaign created by Bupa and the World Heart Federation, over 8,000 consumers globally took a heart age check. The check calculates the user’s heart age based on personal health details such as blood pressure, family medical history, and lifestyle risk factors such as smoking.

Among the respondents, occupation was found to affect the average difference between their physical age and their heart age.


Jobs with the best heart health:


+2 years

Teaching +2.8 years
Accountancy, banking +3 years
IT & Information  +3.5 years
Services Retail & Sales +3.8 years

 Jobs with the worst heart health:   

Manual Labour

+2 years

Transport +8.7 years
Property & Construction +7 years
Charity Work +7 years
Energy & Utilities +8.3 years

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