Wednesday, 12th August 2020

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Sonia Fendley, director of STM Nummos Life S.L.

If someone has been diagnosed with the condition during its early stage, do not hesitate to request a second opinion from aneurologist or a geriatrician specialist if the person is aged over 60. These symptoms do not always mean dementia; they can also be caused by stress, depression, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, infections or many other illnesses. 

The diagnosis is serious, so you must be sure. The following guide has been developed by people who have gone through the same situation.

Help to prepare a daily schedule, that will include planned purchases, outings detailing all the steps that are needed in order to carry them out, i.e. what they will need, what bus to take, where to get off etc. Explain as if they are visiting from another country and this was their first time. It is good that the patient be as independent as possible.



  1. Once the illness is confirmed, consult with a day centre. These centres have specialized therapists and professional carers who will help the challenges that are presented to the patients in the most efficient manner possible, through physical activity, cognitive stimulation etc.
  2. Identify the clothing and place the name and a contact number where it is visible, in case they get lost and need help. 
  3. Plan physical activities, such as attending a gym, swimming or other exercise or visiting senior centres to participate in its activities (dances - crafts - sewing, etc.).
  4. In addition to taking care of their body, they also have to exercise the brain. Include mental stimulation exercises, for example puzzles or any other brain stimulating
  5. Shoes should be closed to prevent falls.
  6. Adapt the home to the needs of the patient. In the bathroom, prevent slipping by installing handrails in the shower and the toilet
  7. In more advanced stages, place a few large cushions near the bed in order to prevent injuries in the event of falls.
  8. In the final stages a residential care home may offer the best care.

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