Sunday, 31st May 2020

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Anger is a natural human emotion like happiness, sadness and fear but for some, frequent and intense episodes of anger can seriously interfere with life and lead to destructive behaviour. – Sonia Fendley, director of STM Nummos Life S.L.

The underlying reasons for anger are much the same today as they were for our ancestors and over time it has evolved to keep your body and mind stimulated and ready for action in stressful situations.

When something makes you angry you can feel a wide range of emotions that have a direct, physiological impact on the rest of your body: your heart starts to beat faster; your blood pressure and temperature rise;
your breathing rate increases; and you sweat more.

Some people manage to suppress their feelings but build them up to eventually explode. You see red!



Anger can affect your health in the short and long term. Regular and intense periods of anger may lead to problems:

• Digestion – ulcers, gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome
• Weakening of your immune system
• Increasing your risk of coronary heart disease or a stroke 
• Causing depression, addiction, selfharm, bullying behaviour Calm down. When you start to feel the first stirrings of anger bubbling up inside you, stop and think for a moment. This will give you time to reflect on the situation and consider how best to respond.
• Walk away. If you feel you’re too angry to speak or are considering being violent towards another person.
• Resolve unfinished business. Try to resolve past issues and prevent anger building up.
• Be constructive, not destructive. If you talk slowly and clearly and make requests rather than demands, others will respect your argument and listen to what you have to say.

If your anger is causing problems then most people are able to keep their anger under control, but if you feel you’re unable to cope with your temper or if it’s affecting those around you, see a doctor or counsellor 
for advice you may be recommended treatment, perhaps including medicines.

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