Wednesday, 23rd September 2020

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Not just your average curry...

Not just your average curry...

The popularity of Indian cuisine has resulted in a number of Indian restaurants opening on the Costa del Sol.

Curry is an international word understood in every conceivable language and that is why there are so many Indian restaurants on
the Costa and everywhere else.

It is not commonly known, but an average Indian dish includes at least 7 ingredients but their flavours must not overlap with the result that each ingredient provides a unique component in the final meal. It is a cuisine that uses more than 200 known ingredients and spices and it is the real reason why that unique aroma stimulates your appetite as you enter an Indian restaurant.

However so many ingredients and spices require real expertise to know which to use, what amounts and with what recipe this and the SPICE VILLAGE restaurant is highly recommended for their ability to prepare a dish even tailor made to individual requirements. The chef at Spice Village will ensure that you enjoy a good Indian meal without the worry of allergies, upsets or intolerances.

No colour additives, no artificial ingredients only the natural goodness of the food, the freshness of local vegetables and pure natural spices. If you need to know the right notes to make a pleasant melody Spice Village make the perfect meal.

Spice Village aim to please offering a well constructed menu with a good choice of traditional side dishes, of course all ingredients are fresh and pleasing to the stomach as well as palate. The owner cannot do enough to please his customers offering the best possible and attentive service to ensure that you fully enjoy your meal and come back.

As with most Indian restaurants take away is available.


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