Tuesday, 4th August 2020
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Legal Negligence - By Angel Monedero

Legal Negligence - By Angel Monedero

Just as with doctors, due care and an obligation of professional diligence is also expected from the legal profession.

When dealing with issues related to the law or challenging the Courts one is faced with a complex situation and in reality however great or small is the knowledge of the untrained person or the accuracy of their approach, extreme persistence, care, diligence is required.

1. Lawyer´s and Barrister´s Negligence
2. Judge´s and Magistrate´s Negligence
3. Notary´s and Registrar´s Negligence
4. Malfunction of the Administration of Justice


The following are some of the most frequent questions we are asked:

• Am I entitled to a claim against a lawyer for having presented my claim after the deadline? Or an appeal?
• What if the Lawyer forgot to provide a vital document in my defence? What if his defence was rash?
• Am I entitled to claim for wrong advice received from my lawyer?
• Am I always entitled to claim when I lose a lawsuit?
• Am I entitled to claim against a Judge for making legally unjustifiable decisions that do not comply with facts or the legal regulations?
• What happens when a Notary makes an error related to identification when preparing a power of attorney? What happens when a Registrar incurs responsibility for one of his employees?
• Am I entitled to present a claim for the malfunction of the Administration of Justice?
• Am I entitled to claim for the delay in the finalisation of a procedure? And, what if, because of the passage of time, the sentence or legal resolution becomes ineffective?
• Is it possible to claim for a wrong legal decision or for having been sentenced to preventive prison and then proving that I was innocent?

You may have similar or indeed other situations at hand that may entitle you to a claim of damages for Legal Negligence, however to guarantee the feasibility of your claim it is necessary to act quickly and to follow the right procedures. For this reason, we recommend that you follow some basic, preparatory rules while guided and supervised by an expert in the field:

• Collection of evidence.
• Communication of the damage.
• Getting Reliable Advice.

Monedero Abogados is a firm with nearly 25 years experience in the legal world, Masters in Tort Law, and members of the Law Association of Madrid, the Law Association of Málaga, the Spanish Association of Lawyers specialised in Public Liability and Insurance, the Association of Lawyers for Victims of Public Liability.

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