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Have fun at Easter!

Have fun at Easter!

Make your own Easter Eggs!


  • 400/500 grs quality chocolate.
  • Using a mixture of dark, milk and white chocolate will give a nice marbled effect



  1. Break the chocolate into small even pieces and place it in a bowl over a pan of hot water – this eliminates the chance of it burning in the pan. Make sure you properly temper the chocolate: warm it to 47º and then allow it to cool to body temperature by taking it off the heat and continuing to stir it thoroughly. Next, you need to buy an Easter egg mould. Some home stores will sell them otherwise you can purchase them online €4.95, or a Cake Craft Shop for around €2.00. The most important thing for anyone attempting to make an Easter egg to remember is to polish the mould really well with a soft cloth ‘It helps the chocolate release after it’s set.
  2. Once you’ve prepared the mould, it’s time to get creative. ‘In the bottom of the mould you can put mini marshmallows or nuts, so that when the chocolate sets and you take it out of the mould, they will be on display on the outside of the egg, you could also mix into the chocolate
    a small amount of peppermint oil - or even korma powder if you want a kick. Just remember not to add anything water-based. For example, if you want to colour it, use powder. You could do different coloured stripes,
    or even make a Jubilee-themed egg.
  3. Once the chocolate has melted, pour enough into each mould to fill it a quarter-full and swirl it around to cover the interior. Be careful to make sure that the excess does not gather in the centre otherwise you will get an uneven thickness. Leave the two halves in the fridge to set. Repeat this as many times as you like - the more layers you create, the thicker the egg will be.
  4. The fun really begins here. You can put small gifts inside and then seal the halves together by sealing the edges together with melted chocolate. Make sure to return the egg to the fridge to firm up again. ‘An alternative
    way of joining the two egg halves is to tie a bow around them or you can buy a simple royal icing and a piping set. You can also buy organic edible decorations and glue them on with melted chocolate you could also use rainbow sugar and edible silver balls. Once your egg has set, add a recycled ribbon and it’s ready to go.

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