Saturday, 19th September 2020

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United Europe? Is that a joke?

United Europe? Is that a joke?

We are as far from a United Europe as Earth is from Venus I donÂ’t mean inaccessible but I do mean quite far.

I remember my younger school days when I used to converse with my fellow students and share the dream of a very possible unification of Europe so as to be able to stand up and defend Europe from American interference, because after all they used their political and financial might for their own sole benefit.

The United States of America are really lucky in a way because it is a nation of immigrants of all nationalities united by one common cause and that is the desire to be free and independent from any other nation outside its territories.

Despite the wounds of a segregated America and a civil war, they were still bound as one united nation. “United we stand and, divided we fall” has never seen a truer example.

Of course I now come to realise that the unification of Europe as a single state is not such a novel concept. I suppose the Romans were an early example of an attempt to create a single nation in Europe. They achieved this for a short era in history through their military power. One could say that Napoleon and even Hitler were inspired by the Romans to achieve the same


Others such as George Washington, Giuseppe Mazzini and Victor Hugo predicted it may happen democratically. As a matter of fact George Washington wrote to the Marquis de La Fayette that “one day, on the model of the United States of America, a United States of Europe will come into being”.

But will it ever happen? We have two World Wars in the twentieth century, with their floods of European blood that firmly established the need for political unity in Europe.

A unified, single European nation means a single central government, a single central bank, and a single central set of legislation and we have never been so disunited and confronted with such financial disarray, economic misery, and political chaos as we have now all over Europe.A United States of Europe can only be achieved when all nations and its representatives finally wake up and start thinking of the common good of Europe as opposed to their own personal ones. All religions believe in God so why is it that they kill each in the different names of their God?

What Europe needs is real leaders, not weak politicians content to be a big fish in a small tank, leaders who have the vision to see the benefits and strength derived from a united nation.

How can this be achieved when Scotland wants its independence, Wales want its independence Britain sits on the USAÂ’s lap, refuses a single European currency and is even considering leaving the E.U., while Germany still thinks it can conquer Europe, dictating through its financial current advantages?

What chance is there of a United Europe when politicians, especially in Spain, Italy and Greece get away with robbing their people blind and then make them pay for the deficit? Yes sure you can impose stringent measures for them to follow in order to remain in the EU. but that does not stop them dipping their sticky fingers into the funds, it merely imposes even more burdens on the people. No wonder Spain is in such deep recession. The people have very little or nothing left to be taken so they are turning to luring other nationals to “Invest? Visit?” or shall we say leave their money in Spain and go back whence they came from?

Europe needs a central government, a central law court, a central bank and most of all a central enforcement body to be elected democratically in the best interest of all the people of Europe. Enough with individuals who are only interested in single national power for their own personal ego or to line their own pockets!

So how far are we from Venus? Do you think that different languages present an insurmountable obstacle? No doubt it would become more easily achievable if everyone understood one language.

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