Thursday, 22nd April 2021

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Some useful information

Some useful information

More than we print - No extras for bombonas - Changing the Spanish time zone

It’s a lot more than what we print

According to the impressions counter on ISSUU we are averaging some 970 online downloads of the magazine per month since January. This is in addition to the ½ million unique visitors to our website and our 20,000 printed magazine readers.

The above is an extract taken from ISSUU.

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Bombona Handling Charges?

No Way! As I always do, I went to the petrol station to get a butane gas bottle for the cooker and I happened to notice an extra charge of 50 cents for “handling”. With Banks,  all and sundries looking for feeble excuses to make charges I took
exception to this, the petrol station is an agent and gets paid for “handling” the bottles so I refused to pay it or leave it.

They cancelled the charge.


Changing the hour

Spain is considering changing the time to GMT to be in line with UK, Eire and Portugal.

The question is, what purpose will it serve? They will still want to go to lunch between 2 pm and 5 pm after everyone else closes for the day; they will still want to have their summer hours, banks will still have their “local” as well as national holidays and weekends off and people will still have their breakfast break on their company’s peak time.

So what would be the purpose of the change? I’d like to know.

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