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Possibly the most notable event on the Costa dels Sol

Possibly the most notable event on the Costa dels Sol

The Feria de Malaga

This is a major fiesta that attracts visitors from all over the world as it combines the traditional grand local fair with the commemoration of the taking of the city from the Moors by the Catholic Monarchs on the 18th August 1487.

It is also the longest lasting fair which this year will run “officially from the 17th August to the 24th, but you will see the activities starting as early as the 11th August.

The fair today has two entertainment zones. The main one is the Real de la Feria in the Cortijo de Torres district, active in the evening for the “Feria de la noche” (“Night Fair”).


Separately, in the historic centre of the city, is the “Feria de día” (“Day Fair”): by day, the city centre swarms with people, in part because the festival coincides with the enormous summer influx of holiday makers to the Costa del Sol.

During the Fair, the streets of the city centre are adorned with paper lanterns and floral displays. Booths are set up, there are
performances for children and adults, music and dance (especially verdiales, the most characteristic local variant of flamenco),
and decked out horses and carriages attempting to make their way through it all. The sounds of flamenco and copla are everywhere, along with less traditional music.

There is bullfighting each afternoon at La Malagueta, and after sunset the fair continues at the Real.

The city’s public transit network is considerably reorganized during the fair, including the addition of several special buses to the fair districts from various parts of town.

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