Monday, 3rd August 2020

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CHAVOPOLY! Small business ownership: Don’t Give Up!!

CHAVOPOLY! Small business ownership: DonÂ’t Give Up!!

Stick to Your Guns and Persevere - by Count de la Perrelle

Recently I have been quite surprised at the amount of small businesses all over our area who have decided for one reason or another to give up and close down. I understand completely of course that sometimes and for many genuine reasons, it is not possible for businesses to continue. On the other hand, perhaps the financial crisis is now beginning to sort out the wheat from the chaff (or should that be chavs).

However, for some genuine hard working people who are struggling to make ends meet, let me say this: DonÂ’t give up on your intentions and ambitions. The financial crisis that we are all suffering from will not last and with luck and perseverance we will all come through. DonÂ’t give up on your small business dream!

We are well aware of the many ‘fly by nightÂ’ operators who are in one way or another, cheating the system and who are possibly claiming at least some financial perk from either their own Government or the Spanish one. Let me tell you that these people will not last as the cordon of legislation is now beginning to tighten up around them now that the Spanish Government
and the local Governments and tax and social security authorities in the European community are tracking down these leaches. Hopefully, they will flee to the hills and disappear.

I am aware of one such cafe/bar, now gone thankfully, that opened just for the summer a year or so ago. The owners had no intention of prolonging their stay in the premises but just wanted to make a few bob for the summer months. They were in the bar for around 6 months and apart from the initial rental payment for the first month they paid no further rent. They also did not pay for most of the stock and the utility bills. They had absolutely no experience in the trade and just used the whole scenario as a way of having a party at their Customers and tax payersÂ’ expense. At the end of the summer they just packed up and left. Leaving the owner and the local suppliers in the lurch.


I am sure that a lot of people will be able to relate to that story and no doubt have one of their own. Whether your business is in catering or any other type of business I am positive that you are more than a little p••••d off at the chancers who are making a mockery of your particular type and style of business by not adhering to the local rules and regulations and exposing their lack of experience when dealing with Customers which in turn reflects on similar businesses.

The bars, café’s, dress shops, gift shops and other businesses I see who are struggling to make their targets are being thwarted by these sloppy individuals who think they know best and who are not operating on a level playing field. These individuals have no personal investment in making the business work and expect no penalty for failing, they will indeed fail believe me–and extremely fast.

They are just playing at being in business, Business today is extremely competitive and competing retailers are working damn hard to make their businesses work. Going into any marketplace, without the willingness to work hard or invest the time, emotion and money required, they can never succeed. Ian Duncan Smith, the UK Government Minister, has apparently had talks with Spanish Ministers about this subject and yes I think they were talking about stopping some of these foreign benefits altogether.

We all know how hard it is at any time to operate a thriving business let alone now with all the difficulties of a financial crisis hurting everyone and with Customers and Clients not spending as much. We have to be hungry competitors and endeavour to outwork and outsmart the Rogues.

Do not be greedy and just put prices up willy nilly just because it is tourist time, consider your Customer base and remember that the season is all too short a period and you will need to recognise and to care for your regular Customers for support in the winter months.

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” Herm Albright (1876 - 1944)

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