Monday, 3rd August 2020

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Confident in pink

Confident in pink

If you have the confidence to pull this off, nothing is sexier than a man in pink. - By Count de la Perrelle.

I say this confidently in an age when gender and sexuality is as polarized as possible.

This season, pink has been used widely in collections across the fashion spectrum – from statement blazers and suits available at the likes of Topman, Cos and Dondup, to bold metallics and more subtle prints at premium fashion houses such as Burberry.

The menswear industry has been growing bolder and bolder over recent years. From subtle pops of colour to the current fixation with statement prints and patterns, modern men have become much braver with their wardrobe choices. Not only that, designers and high street brands alike continue to push boundaries and present new style possibilities to an ever-accepting audience.

Make no mistake, introducing new colours to your wardrobe and incorporating them within everyday outfits takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off. However, that shouldn’t put you off, as with the correct knowledge, coloured clothing is surprisingly accessible and wearable.


You should already be aware that tailoring forms the backbone of any great capsule wardrobe. These days, the suit is a stylish and fail-safe option that has become acceptable daily attire – especially for those wanting to appear well dressed and generically on-point even when they are not in a formal environment. As this renewed love of tailoring continues to take hold, designers and the high street are continually looking for ways to make the suit more appealing and increase its
versatility for the everyday male.

Coloured tailoring offers the wearer a bold spin on a timeless classic. While it may be something that won’t be welcomed with open arms by all, for those willing to take the risk, a bold-coloured suit could be the statement piece your current capsule wardrobe is missing.

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