Monday, 21st September 2020

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Good health also includes dental care.

Good health also includes dental care.

Taking charge of your own health is one important way to be as healthy as you can. ThatÂ’s true for dental care,too. By Sonia Fendley - Director STM Nummos Life

Tell your dentist what you think he or she needs to know. DonÂ’t wait to be asked. For example:

  • Do you have heart disease, diabetes or  high blood pressure?
  • Are you taking medicines? If you are, bring a list of your medicines. Include when and how often you take them.
  • Do you have any allergies? Talk about any allergiesor reactions you have had. Be sure to include the type of allergy (food, medicine etc.) and what kind of reaction occurs.
  • Do you have other medical information that might help your dentist? Bring it along. This could include X-ray films, test results and medical records.

Follow up
Once you leave the dentistÂ’s office, follow up. Call the office if you have questions or a problem. Schedule another appointment if you need one.


Take advantage of the special prices offered by Sanitas Dental. The policy includes a wide range of services for all dental specialties for only 9.50€ per month

  • More than 40 services included in your policy: consultations, cleaning, diagnostic tests, fluoridation etc.
    Discounts of up to 30% and 40%: Dental pricing is set within the Sanitas network, so that you know the fees you are paying in advance.
  • Access to the exclusive Millennium Dental Centres: These centres are equipped with the latest technology and all dental specialties and diagnostic tests are available under one roof.
  • Modern treatments using state of the art technology, at your service: All the benefits of a quality dental plan provided by the leading medical insurer in Spain
  • No waiting times: Experience all the benefits of our dental plan from day one.
  • No additional premiums for children under 6 years: children under 6 years are included in their parents´ policy at no additional cost. At Sanitas we understand that good dental care in the early years is the key to good dental health and habits later in life.
  • No age limit for contracting the policy or maintaining cover: whether for children or seniors, we provide the services you need at every stage of your life

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