Monday, 3rd August 2020

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Top Dog or Top Dick

Top Dog or Top Dick

Some business owners and managers can be pretty thick! By The Count De La Perrelle

I have been involved in business for many, many years and it never fails to surprise me how thick some business owners and managers can be. Where on earth do they get this God theory where they know everything and their staff know nothing. I have met with many employees in various businesses recently just to find out how they interact with their bosses.

It is quite amazing to me just how many bosses are bullies by being intrusive, controlling and picky. Bosses who take credit for all the hard work that the staff may have accomplished and who never provide any positive feedback.

This type of employer makes for a bad Boss, bad to the core! This in turn is really bad for the business as a whole. Staff cheerfulness is paramount to a stable operation. Bosses need to be hands on and to take a real interest in all their staff as well as the day to day running of the business.

I can give you an example of this as a few days ago I was enjoying a coffee and a snack in a local restaurant and mentioned to the waitress, who was charming and helpful, that they seemed to be really busy on that day. She replied that they had been double-booked with a party and it wasall hands needed to complete the work. I asked where the Restaurant Manager was and she told me that he had decided to take the day off to play a round of golf! Any employer in his right mind would realise that by doing this and not being there to help out will definitely spread discontent amongst members of staff.

No business can support dead weight It is obvious to me that in this instance the boss lacks training and is so overwhelmed with his job requirements that he can’t provide support for his employees. Perhaps he has been promoted too quickly or his reporting responsibilities have expanded beyond his reach. Being an Owner/Manager means, in many cases, working at the business.

Many people open a Restaurant thinking they will pay a Manager to run the front of the house and a Chef to run the back of the house, while they sit at the bar with their friends and count the money. Wrong! Restaurants can’t support dead weight for very long.


Some other points I would like to mention here; if you are operating your business as General Manager and have appointed department Managers whether it be a Head Chef, Senior waiting staff or Office Manager, then for goodness sake let them do the job they have been given. Work with them, let them do the job they have been trained for and are experienced in and let them grow, then the business will grow with them. Bosses who use demeaning behaviour tend to forget that
staff require civil, professional treatment at work. Help them advance their career and you will find that your business will benefit and that your Staff will stay with
you and be keen to help you expand.

Pay wages on time Remember also that there are one or two extremely important things necessary for a contented organisation. Always pay wages on time. People rely on their wages to fulfil their own commitments and you have no right to damage their financial structure.

Always make sure that any time off is adhered to and if there is a situation that requires any member of Staff to work extra to their normal hours then make sure they are remunerated and thanked for any help they may have given. I can assure you that they will be most grateful if you take the time to notice when they are working any extra time. Listening to your team will also create an eager culture with high expectations. In a very short time you will have created a keen impassioned team enabling you to meet that level of business satisfaction.

Your workers are more than just shift Managers, Chefs, Servers and Ancillary Staff; they are people, with aspirations and dreams. If you take the time to learn about their working goals and help to develop them, your labour situation just might improve.

People who are made to feel badly about themselves perform as they feel—badly. They will tend to treat the Customers poorly and have little care about the company or the job. Take time to develop your team and you will create true loyalty and the chance for your business to thrive.

Finally, any business is only as good as its employees. Of course hiring the best staff is important, but so is looking after their interests once they’re part of your team. Always remember whether you are an Owner or a department Manager, once you’ve hired your staff you have a duty of care to them.

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