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The Cocomo Experience is well worth the effort to book in advance.

The Cocomo Experience is well worth the effort to book in advance.

A modern, English, classy quality restaurant in Estepona at excellent value fopr money

With myself and Julia being so busy and Cocomo so popular, I finally managed to reserve a table; I had been meaning to do so for a while and find out for myself all the good things I had been hearing about, the only drawback was that on the night it was not just raining, it was pelting down. Clearly this means that we had to be accommodated inside.

While the decor and the ambiance are neat, modern and classy with very effective lighting, I can imagine how beautiful and magical it must be when it is possible to sit in the terrace.

Have you ever wondered what makes this restaurant so popular? It was a full house, even in midweek! I then understood the wisdom of booking in advance, as a matter of fact I was lucky to manage to reserve my table for two.

A friendly welcome was very warming and we soon got absorbed into the atmosphere created by the other diners who were all, without exception, clearly having a good time while enjoying their food and drinks. Having been given the opportunity to settle down and feel at home, we were soon approached by the waiter to take our order for the drinks, which were followed by the menu.

Although I am not allowed alcohol, I can tell you that the wine list was good with plenty to choose from.


It was not one of those endless menus, it was explained that everything on the menu was of the highest quality and from fresh produce of that day, especially prepared for that evening. The selection was certainly intended to please practically every palate.

I ordered a Prawn Cocktail. It is not permitted to take photos but I hope you will take my word for it when I tell you that it was extremely well presented and certainly out of the ordinary. This was followed by the Thai Pork, which again was gifted with the same presentation. It is impossible to describe the taste, can I just say that, in my humble opinion, I think
the chef belongs in one of those 5 star restaurants in the heart of London, Julia was more conservative in her choice and ordered the Scottish Smoked Salmon followed by the a Steak, she certainly seemed to enjoy it as much.

I could not handle any more, I could not eat anything more but Julia did venture to order a dessert which she reluctantly let me try and all I can remember is that it was delicious and almost ordered one for me too. What was remarkable is the price. I thought that the 2 courses at €14 was superb value for money. The menu is very cleverly presented to give you the opportunity to have additional plates or courses if you so wish with the additional cost clearly shown. As I said, in my case the 2 course were more than I could handle, I really could not have eaten another thing after that.

A modern pleasant ambiance, a good vibrant atmosphere, superb food accompanied by a good service and all at a remarkably much lower than anticipated cost. It is of no wonder that Cocomo is always full.

I certainly recommend it but do make sure you book your table in advance, do not wait until the last minute.

Kokomo Cocktail Bar & Restaurant
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