Thursday, 16th July 2020

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Smart Car

Smart Car

It’s a mini Mercedes! Well, more or less.

It’s been a strange journey for Smart. It launched a truly revolutionary three-cylinder engine city car, and then disappeared off the rails in a vain search to expand on the idea, even going so far as to launch a bland hatchback. Now sanity returned and we’re back to the revolution of a car you can park nose-to-kerb.

The smart Fortwo Cabrio is a little bit of sunshine every day. The hard-shelled urban driving champ makes city driving a joy, parking stress-free and brings your fuel consumption and emissions right down. You can even pop down the electronically-operated sunroof and feel the wind in your hair.

The Fortwo Cabrio is available in Petrol or diesel. Obviously you have to get past the idea this is a twoseater.

Anyone who occasionally needs more has to get a regular little car. A Smart’s boot isn’t a bad size and the passenger seat folds forward. But you can’t fit a tow bar.

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