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Taste to believe!

Taste to believe!

To believe the taste of real Italian food, you have to eat at La Pappardella in Estepona

First established in London’s Brompton Road some 20 years ago, La Pappardella Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria have chosen two ideal locations for their restaurants on the Costa del Sol.

La Pappardella at the Estepona Port front line, with its full view of the yachts moored just opposite, offers a view that is familiar to all restaurants on similar locations in Italy. But the view from the Pappardella Sul Mar in Laguna Village is somewhat extra special, looking out directly on to the open blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The exceptional views, however, is not the only reason for visiting La Pappardella restaurants, one of my favourite restaurants on this Costa. The most important reason is the genuine and exceptionally good Italian food. All the basic ingredients, including the flour, are brought in from Italy which is one of the reasons why their pizzas are the best I have ever tasted on the Costa. Naturally any perishable are purchased locally on a daily basis to ensure their freshness and the pastas are home made.


Although La Pappardella is in two different locations, the menus and the standard of cuisine are identical; the same dish will look and taste the same in either location. This is because the cuisine is genuinely Italian and it cannot differ. The owners are rather proud of the fact that they do offer the best possible Italian food on this Coast.

The staff is simply wonderful, they all speak English as well as Spanish and if you can manage some Italian, they will be delighted to help you put it to the test. The management is consistent and the object is to ensure you are well served and that you return to repeat the pleasant experience.

As far as price is concerned, I really do not think it is expensive as a matter of fact I believe it is quite reasonable considering the quality of food, service and ambience. Some time I wish other restaurants could learn a lesson and realise the importance of clients and the importance of making clients feel welcome and at home.

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