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Andalucia is more than a place in the sun

Andalucia is more than a place in the sun

I lived on the Costa del Sol for the past 18 years and I still think it is one of the best places where to live.

by Edwin Gladstone

Yes, the property bubble did burst in the end. It had to, as it did everywhere else!

Yes, there are properties under threat of demolition because they have been built on green land, but whose fault is that? I put it down to greed and carless buying. If that was in the UK, they would have been demolished without hesitation, instantly.So where is the problem?

When I first moved to the Costa del Sol, I felt like an adventurer and friends used to compliment me for having the “guts” to move to a foreign country with the whole family. Those really were pioneering days, even more so for the families that had moved here before me.

Now of course it is all quite different, everything is so much easier. As a matter of fact the more families move to the Costa the better; it increases the size of the foreign resident market, which is what we all want for business.

The only recommendation I have to make is that, before you move, you must ensure that you have or can earn an income. I have written extensively over this point in past issues of the magazine. As long as your means of support are in place, I do not think you  can easily beat the Costa del Sol.

Back in the late 70’s, the press named the region the “Costa del Crime”, this is because of the lack of extradition agreements between Spain and the UK at the time, and British criminals found refuge on the Costa. This is no longer so and crime is relatively low by comparison to other places despite the fact that the expansion of the EU frontiers has invited unwanted elements as it has elsewhere in Europe.

Gone are the days of Freddie Laker and despite the fact that the cost of living is no longer measured with a few Pesetas, nevertheless living on the Costa del Sol is one of the cheapest alternatives available on the Mediterranean that offer the whole range of attractions as well as security and peace of mind. Imagine sipping your morning tea or coffee in your terrace while watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean waters first thing in the morning.


The beach is one of the main attractions in summer, an attraction that visitors clearly find difficult to resist but for the residents there is much, much more. There are far more attractions in Marbella and the Costa del Sol then just a holiday by the Mediterranean, everything you might want is here, as a matter of fact I really cannot think of anything that is not available.

Starting with food and restaurants, the number of supermarkets and restaurants of all kinds is simply astonishing. You are spoilt for choice Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese; you name it you’ve got it.

From schools to the night life are all well documented by the media on the Costa and abroad, but what we must not forget and what the native Spaniards will make sure that what is not forgotten is the folklore and the local tradition. It is not uncommon to see spontaneous exhibitions of heel tapping, skirt swirling flamenco in any bar, or even street corne, in Southern Spain, when even the audience joins in enthusiastically.

Cadiz is said to be the oldest city in Europe, the whole of Andalucia is rich in history and folklore going back to the prehistoric times. Era after era of different occupiers form the base of the culture of Andalucia today and I think it is somewhat reassuring to know that these days it is probably the British that are adding another era to the existing history. After all, Sherry comes from Jerez! Remember?

Please do come and join us for some tapas and a few glasses of sherry because it is impossible to describe Andalucia and the Costa with a few words in a short article.

One thing is certain, if you are seriously considering a life on the Costa del Sol, you should do so now, while the cost of buying a home is so low. I think we have probably reached bottom as far as sale prices are concerned and it should not be long before they start rising again.

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