Monday, 28th September 2020

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Marbella, Puerto Banus & the Costa del Sol

Marbella, Puerto Banus & the Costa del Sol

They will always be Europe's favourite resorts

There are far more attractions in Marbella and the Costa del Sol then just a holiday by the Mediterranean, everything you might want is here, as a matter of fact I really cannot think of anything that is not available.

Starting with food and restaurants, the number of supermarkets and restaurants of all kinds is simply astonishing. You are spoilt for choice Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese; you name it you’ve got it.

It is worth mentioning the Pappardella Restaurant at Estepona Port and Laguna Village for their fantastic Italian food and panoramic locations.

But then it does not end there, as a golfer you will find that you are spoilt for choice there are more courses than you could imagine, with some that might put to shame the most famous courses in Europe.

The Escuela de Arte Ecuestre in Estepona, is one of the best riding schools in Europe, working to BHS standards under the guidance
of Julia Gladstone, the Pony Club is probably the best in Europe.


All types of sporting activities are available, the list is interminable and if you want to speak of water sports then remember you are on the Mediterranean! Just name the sport!

Hotels in general offer high standard accommodation and currently you may even find some special offers available due to the recession. On the other hand you may want to take advantage of the recession and buy your own private accommodation; there will never be another opportunity to invest at the lowest ebb of the market as there is now.

Ah! Yes the night life and the parties! Marbella’s nightlife is second to none of the Spanish coastal resorts and will keep you partying from dusk till dawn every day of the week. May be it is not Montecarlo, but the Casino in Marbella is one of the top night spots where you can play for hours on the fruit machines or at any of the many tables that are available. Why not join the Poker League that is currently making world news?

There are sophisticated piano bars, flamenco shows, live cabaret, rock music, karaoke and many excellent clubs. The Olivia Valere club, near the Marbella Mosque, is seriously upmarket and seriously expensive. Dreamers, near Puerto Banus lines up some of the world’s best DJs and for something more daring there is also Bacchus. Where else would you find all of this at a short flight away from anywhere in Europe?

Enough with foreign newspapers and TV programs that keep on knocking the Costa del Sol! Clearly they must be motivated by jealous losers who can’t make it here.

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