Thursday, 9th July 2020

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Tattoos. Skin-deep art

In the past, people have always connected tattoos with gangsters (Yakusa), prostitutes, circus people, sailors and other, less socially acceptable groups.

Today it is a different story and is seen as decorative to embellish the body while also displaying some really impressive works of art to reflect the personality of the individual.

The growing demand for tattoos has greatly contributed to cleaner and more hygienic methods of tattooing to include sterilized needles with sell by dates and other materials disposable after use.

DEMIAN is an Estepona artist internationally recognised for his work particularly in Brazil, Italy, France and nationally in Spain.
We are illustrating some of his work here below and if you wish more information on the subject, you may contact him at 0034 633 555 295 or 0034 675 105 629.



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