Thursday, 1st October 2020

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Why do people have colonic irrigation?

Why do people have colonic irrigation?

There is waste matter from over 1 year ago sitting in the colon and by removing it the digestive system is boosted.

It’s also beneficial for people suffering from bloating, constipation and or IBS. Some people wish to address acute symptoms whilst other opt for a colonic as a preventative treatment and boost to their immune system.


What does it involve?
A short consultation followed by full instructions allowing clients complete privacy.

Each session takes approximately 1 hour. After treatment a mineral replacement drink and acidophilus – good bacteria are provided.

How many treatments?
The colon measures 1.5meters therefore normally 3 sessions are required for a complete cleanse carried out over a 2 week period. However some people may wish to have a single treatment as a health booster.

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