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Creating a Herb Garden

Creating a Herb Garden

An herb garden within your garden is desirable. Say the Home & Garden Group

It gives a lot of pleasure to see your own creation growing and it is a fact that it is enjoyable to be able to eat the fruit of your own garden.

Before you start to plant your herbs, bear in mind that you need some good soil. So if the soil of your garden is poor, enrich it with good and rich black earth. It is also very important that you create your herb garden into a part of your garden with good drainage and if necessary make sure the patch drains easily. It can get pretty wet in winter on the Costa del Sol and if your herbs are left to soak for long periods, it will not be a success.

In designing your herb patch, think about how to reach the plants when you need them for your kitchen. Allow for a path to your herbs; paving stones or anything that makes its possible to reach your herbs the whole year.

So, what kinds of herbs can be grown here on the coast?


It’s an easy growing plant that you can place in the sun or in half shadow. It doesn’t need o lot of maintenance. Sometimes Aloe Vera is seen as a wonder plant. The white liquid that seeps out of the leaves when they are cut is considered very good and healthy for the skin. You can also use it for little burn marks and sun burn spots on your skin. The white sap of the Aloe Vera cures, cleans and relieves the skin.
A chive is a good herb to have in your garden; moreover it has many uses in your kitchen. You can place it in both a sunny or a shadowy spot, however it likes damp soil. It is very suitable to have in pots. Chive can suffer from mycosis, in which case place it in a sunny position in your garden with enough air, so it can dry a little. What you also can do is prune your chive almost to the ground and it will come back, fresh and green. Chive can be used in loads of things: herb butter, egg recipes, sauces, soups and salads.


This herb is seen a lot here on the Costa del Sol. It grows very well in sunny locations, like hills. It can be used for loads of things. This too is an easy plant to grow in a pot on your terrace. It grows better on dry ground and in summer it will also please the eye with some beautiful purple flowers. Cut away the long new shoots that the plant will grow, this will prevent that the salvia has too much wood and the plant will live a lot longer. Salvia can be used in ´fatty´ dishes like pork, duck and sheep. Also in recipes using fat fish, like eel.
Oregano is an evergreen plant that can reach a height of 45 cm. and in summer it blooms with beautiful purple-red flowers. Oregano grows a lot in the wild and mainly in rocky surroundings. This means that when you put it in your garden it needs a well drained soil, so that in a wet winter, the water easily can stream away. is a very nice plant to use on the borders of your garden. is very popular in the Greek and Italian kitchens, particularly with pizza for which it is a main condiment because it blends very well with tomato. You can use it with vegetables, potato dishes and in combination with mushrooms, pasta, tomato, rice and quiche. Oregano is always added at the end and must not be cooked with the meal.
Other recommended herbs are herbs like rosemary and thyme grown in terracotta pots on your terrace. They look very nice, have a green fresh color the whole year round, and moreover they give out a nice perfume. It is handy to have them close to your kitchen and with some luck they will attract butterflies or bees. Rosemary has tiny, but thick, needle like green leaves, a little grey underneath. The leaves can be used in meat, cheese and egg dishes, but are also used in the cosmetic industry, medical science, disinfectants and in aromatherapy.

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