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Turn your terrace into a beautiful garden

Turn your terrace into a beautiful garden

“Be smart! If you don’t have a garden, turn your terrace into one”. Say the Home & Garden team.

With a few colours, some creativity and a bit of decorating, you can make yourself a lovely place to sit in the open. So, on this occasion, we give you some tips on how to turn your terrace into a roof garden.

Starting with the walls, painting your walls in a light colour like pale yellow or lavender, will help you to create a spacey effect for your terrace. Transparent furniture (glass or plastic) and plants placed at different levels will also help to create the same effect. If you were to combine these with a few trees and a wooden floor as a result you will have a relaxing garden area away from all the noise and people.

Another good idea is to create a patio garden on your terrace, offering loads of space and serenity. The basic idea consists in placing little brick walls topped with green buxus in terracotta pots. Mixing these with light yellow and grey decorative items will make a good colour combination. If you like a modern design, make sure that the buxus in your pots is always shaped into nice balls.There are several things you can do with the plants on your terrace. Pots and planters are a good idea if you elect for a quick and easy solution.


However if you want to come as close to a real garden as you can you need to select things that are not too heavy and are space-saving. An automated irrigation system ensures that you donÂ’t have to water every day.

Remember that it will often be windy on your terrace. A row of high plants, little trees, or a fence with ivy, for example, will give a good protection. Ask in your garden centre which plants do well on a windy terrace.

If there is the slightest chance that you could build a conservatory on your terrace, you must do it. The outside and inside would just flow together into a fantastic place where you can relax, sit down, and even have dinner. Originally conservatories were used for moving your plants indoors during winter, and this is still a good option. You can put beautiful palms in your conservatory. For example “areca” and “kentia” palms do very well away from direct sunlight.

Another option is to have a garden cupboard, so that when you open its doors it can be used like a mini garden house to sit down. Alternatively you could use it to store all your terrace furniture like chair or sun beds.

Fill empty corners with nice looking pots, for example a combination of three pots in 3 different sizes. Hibiscus and Bougainvillea are long lasting flowers. With good watering and some fertilizer you can enjoy flowers from spring till late autumn.

Good luck with turning your terrace in a real garden. And enjoy!

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