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DVD Reviews & TV Programs

DVD Reviews & TV Programs

Introducing some of the more prominent DVD releases & up to the minute TV/Satellite programs



Clint Eastwood proves once again he is a great story teller. He has produced, directed a very captivating new dramatic thriller that is anything but predictable. Based on a true story from the 1920’s, Eastwood has given us a visual period film which explores police corruption, murder and the lack of women’s rights. Angelina Jolie, who usually plays strong and tough women, plays a mother who is vulnerable and inwardly strong and persevering, encouraged along the way by a Presbyterian minister who is an advocate for truth and social change. He is played quite believably by John Malkovich. This movie was filmed on location around Los Angeles and suburban areas of San Dimas, Pasadena and San Bernardino. Therefore, adding to the real feeling of where this all really happened. It is my understanding that 95% of the script was from actual historical documents and facts about the real case. This is one of those films that make you feel amazed something like this could have actually happened.



Yes Man

Directed by: Peyton Reed

Starring: Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Sasha Alexander, Terence Stamp, Molly Sims, Danny Masterson, Bradley Cooper, Patrick Labyorteaux, Fionnula Flanagan, Rhys Darby

Carl (Jim C.), is a social outcast without much of a self esteem. He rejects all propositions that are presented to him. His life outside of work is as dull as his profession as a loan officer. By a friend's referral, he attends a seminar that drastically alters his perspective. He accepts all opportunities that are given to him, and learns that positive outcome can result from taking chances in life. The humor in this movie is totally hilarious. I almost laughed myself to death in some of the scenes. The previews doesn't exhaust all of the funny scenes. This film comes as a complete package. The story is very inspirational, characters are charming, and the romance is plausible



The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Directed By: Scott Derrickson

Starring :  Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, John Cleese, Aaron Douglas, Jon Hamm, Kyle Chandler, Robert Knepper, James Hong, John Rothman, Sunita Prasad

This remake with Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) is visually interesting, but weak on character development. The end of the world is at hand and the entire situation is dealt with by the Secretary of State? (Even if she is played by Kathy Bates). The situation did not even rate some personal involvement of a VP. There could have been some great discussion between very high ranking world officials. Scientists could have gotten involved. The means to save the planet could have been debated. There were some great possibilities here. What we got instead was a super violent, special effects driven action film that was not nearly as suspenseful as a better defined plot would have allowed. The original was much better in that area. This updated film missed a chance to highlight the philosophical discussion as to whether the price for some of our technology is too becoming too high. It was not a bad film, but it was frustrating at times.


 By the time T.V. programs are printed on local publications and seen by viewers, they are often out of date.

It is very annoying to look forward to a film or program to find out that it has been changed or replaced  days or weeks, often hours, before it is due to be shown.

Just click on the enclosed icon and check your "up to the minute" TV program as updated by the TV stations.

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