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All you need to know about pruning

All you need to know about pruning

“Pruning or cutting back is a very important aspect of gardening that needs to be done”. Say the Home & Garden team.

There are several reasons why you have to cut back your trees, plants and bushes; you can cut back to keep plants in shape, to keep them healthy, to get more flowers and fruit and also when they grow to fast.

The best time for pruning is when your plant is asleep during its rest period and that is winter time. However do bear in mind that if we are talking of hedges that need to be kept in tight shape, pruning has to be done more frequently and regularly so as to force your own will on nature. In order to maintain your special shapes in your garden, I recommend a choice between Buxus, Taxus or Ligustrum. Frequent pruning will show a good growth for a long time.

When pruning it is important to remember to make sure that the centres of the plants receive enough light and air. Cut away branches that cross over, that skew and that appear to be growing badly. Also you must always remove any dead, sick or damaged branches. Make sure that the cuts are clean and not rough or stringy because that would be giving disease an opportunity to grow.


It is very important to use the right pruning tools. Pruning shears can be purchased in all different prices and qualities but make sure that they are always sharp. DonÂ’t use tools that are too light for the job you have to do, thick and hard branches can damage to your tools. If the wood is too thick, use a saw and make sure that it too is sharp. After pruning clean all your tools and put on some oil on them. This is not just to remove dirty spots, but also as a precaution against possible diseases.

While you prune, it is important to look out for new buds springing on the outside of branches. The twig that will grow there will be on the outside of your plant, which means that sunlight can still reach the heart of the plant.

When you cut back trees with a saw, donÂ’t leave a stump, because this can cause diseases, but donÂ’t cut it too deep either. Do not remove heavy branches in one go. First cut them some 50 cm from the trunk and then do the rest, this will prevent tearing.

If you like roses in your garden remember that they need heavy pruning yearly. Unless you do so, your rose bushes will have a greater chance to get diseased and will flower less. Particularly with roses you must pay attention to the most important pruning rules: remove dead wood, remove winter-damage, remove sick wood, keep the heart of the rose bush aired and cut back on buds that grow to the outside. Prune your rose down to about 20 to 40 cm.

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