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Some useful garden tips for the spring

Some useful garden tips for the spring

Peter Geldhof & Patrick Moerkens of the Home and Garden Group offer to give us a few useful tips to prepare our gardens for the coming season.

Weeds are plants you do not want to see in your garden and must be removed. There are tools provided for this job, however weeding is best done by hand to ensure the removal of roots. Try and weed before they flower, because then they will spread all over your garden.

Diseases in the garden
Your plants can suffer from different diseases that attack your garden every year. The weather has a lot to do with this, like for instance a sudden dramatic change in temperature. Also cold and humid weather has its influence. Should you decide to use an ´insecticide´, make sure you read the instructions carefully to obtain best results and avoid possible damage to the plants.

Keep the birds away from your fruit
Remember, birds will get to the fruit on your trees a lot faster than you. A good prevention method would be to hang a few CDs with string on all your fruit tress. Place them on or near the most fruitful branches. The flickering of light in the wind will keep the birds at bay.

Pot Plants
It is most pleasurable to be out in the spring enjoying the plants and pots on the terrace, but be careful where to place your pots. While some plants can thrive in a lot of sun and wind, others do not.



For instance if you want to have some nice palms on your terrace, in places where there is no sun, palms like Areca, Kentia or Raphis can be very useful. You should ask your garden specialist where to put which plants on your terrace. Ensure that there is a good drainage and irrigation for your pots.

Use also fertilizer in your pots. We suggest the blue grain that you can buy everywhere, but don’t put too much at a time; ten to fifteen grains are ample. Repeat this every three of four months.

When you water your plants remember to take into account that is advisable not to water with cold water directly from the tap. It is far better to fill your catering can and wait a couple of hours when the water has warmed up a little.

Now is a good time to check your irrigation. Is your computer working alright? Are you sure you didn’t hit any of the heads of your irrigation system with the lawnmower? Or hit some of the underground tubes with one of your gardening tools?
Check it now because the sun can be quite hot already and your garden will dry out quickly. The best time to irrigate your garden is late in the evening, when you can see for yourself if it is all in working order and when the water has more time to sink into the soil.

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