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JEREZ the Horse Fair or La Feria Del Caballo.

JEREZ the Horse Fair or La Feria Del Caballo.

Jerez, the sherry and the dancing horses. One of the most important events that take place in Andalucia during the month of May.

Over these recent years the type of residents arriving from Britain is more concerned about exploitation of the Costa for personal gain rather than the essence for coming to Spain in the first place. The Costa del Sol is now no man’s land where even the Spanish have learned to speak foreign languages with the result that places like Jerez, the home of “sherry” and the Andalucian horse hardly get a mention these days in any of the local publications. The real Spain is being forgotten about.

This year the feria will take place from the 10th to the 17th May. It was Don Alvaro Domecq, the founder of the world famous Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre who held the 1st Horse Week during the 1955 fair.

Whereas at the Seville Fair all the “casetas” are private and admission is by invitation only, in Jerez they are open to everyone. The fair and the equestrian program make this event a major international attraction. Giving all the opportunity to savour different types of food and an incredible variety of “Sherries” and “Brandys”

Hundreds of riders and horse drawn carriages parade in the Real, a spectacular show of traditional costumes, carriages and horses. You just cannot miss the fact that Jerez is also the home of the of the pure thoroughbred Spanish Carthusian horses, the famous Dancing Horses. These horses are sought after all over the world for their beauty and for their ability to learn and perform what is normally impossible for other horses to do.


Andalucia may be known for its golf courses but these are imported whereas the horse is part of the tradition and lifestyle of Andalucia. When in Jerez, in between one brand of sherry and another of Brandy, one should complete experiencing the true Andalucian flavour and make the effort to see a dancing horse show at the Royal Equestrian Art School.

In any case, loads of competitions and shows will be taking place all over Jerez during the course of the fair. These comprise all types of horse riding styles such as dressage, Doma Vaquera, RAID, Polo and so on.

If you truly become fully absorbed into the Andalucian mood, you may also wish to take a peek at the “Yeguada la Cartuja”, “EQUISUR” and the “Feria Taurina” (Bull Feria), the aggregate of the whole thing makes the Feria a spectacular collection of colour, folklore, tradition in every sense of the word, and it highlights the true hospitality of the real Andalucian people that is certainly not found on the Costa.

One day is not enough, and you certainly do not want to miss the week-end of the feria, when things really get going. If you want to visit the different museums, the sherry manufacturers, accept invitations and go sight seeing, you should really consider taking a few days to include the Saturday and Sunday. But, you may need to write off the Monday morning.

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