Monday, 13th July 2020

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A breath of Fresh Air

A breath of Fresh Air

Spring time is a very special time of year all over the world, but never as special as it is here in Andalucia.

Although the climate in Southern Spain is mild, the constant heavy rainfall for days on end, the dampness and the proximity to the sea make it feel much colder than it actually is. So when it comes to March, the weather magically brightens up and one can actually smell the impending arrival of spring.

The tell-tell signs are also very obvious every where you look, even driving along the motorways you start noticing the little flowers springing up in the verges. A touch of yellow here, red there, mauve building up to a crescendo as we near the equinox, soon to be followed by the fragrance of flowers every where you look.
This is why it is so important to plan your garden in preparation to this most beautiful time of year which is then followed by the hot summer.

In Japan they have made a point in exploiting the beauty of the cherry tree blossoms, unfortunately perhaps in Spain they have underplayed the beauty of the almond tree blossoms, which we have pictured on the front cover.


Although the almond tree does grow all over Andalucia and along the Mediterranean coastline, the cultivation of Almonds is taken very seriously on the Costa Blanca and particularly in the region of Alicante where the sight of almond tree blossoms is breath-taking.

But spring in Andalucia means more than this; it is the breath of fresh air that brings with it the beginning of new hopes and better times. People start looking forward to the “Semana Santa” (Holy week) which leads to Easter and the start of the tourist season and the start of the various ferias that are so typical of Andalucia.

It is not just the foreign tourists that come to Southern Spain and the Coast to enjoy their breaks; the Spanish themselves visit the seashore by the hordes.
This particular spring time is much more meaningful than ever before, because we have had such a bad time during winter on account of the economic crisis that we are all looking forward to even the lightest bit of promise of better times to come.

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