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Synthetic Grass by Decojardin

Synthetic Grass by Decojardin

Decojardin have been supplying successfully SYNTHETIC GRASS for the last 4 years for gardens, terraces and many other interesting locations.

Because of its appealing appearance and practically no maintenance, the popularity of synthetic grass has reached explosive proportions.  Everyone is attracted to the idea of a lush lawn that requires no mowing, watering, aerating, or fertilizing.  Our grass withstands the stress of stampeding children and even animal mess without losing its lustre and shape. 

If you are thinking about SYNTHETIC GRASS for your property, please consider some suggestions:

Every year there are more and more companies created for promoting and installing SYNTHETIC GRASS here on the Costa del Sol, and it is also true that manufacturers are developing new designs for private gardens and terraces that are very natural in texture and appearance. There are many products available on the market but their quality is only proven after a few years of wear. This means you should be very careful when choosing the right company. Although the quality of the work does matter, the quality of the product is extremely important. A company that provides good quality products and installation will always be happy to take you to visit gardens with SYNTHETIC GRASS and demonstrate both work and product quality supplied by them years before. They will also give you advice about adapting your entire garden to obtain the perfect result.


SYNTHETIC GRASS can be the perfect solution for many locations that give constant problems as for instance any place where natural grass is cannot grow properly due to humidity or heavy usage, places with difficult access because of moving machinery, steps, terraces, playgrounds for children and so on.

To make the SYNTHETIC GRASS look natural you need to know some tricks like building nice borders with natural stones, wooden train sleepers or aluminium. Using the right plants that will grow over the borders and larger plants to create shadows.
There are some different plants that should not be missing from your garden Philodendron, Agave Attenuata, Begonia Carolina, Cana Indica, Agapanthus Umbrellatus, Cyca Circinalis and Revoluta, Echium Candicans, Pandanus Utilis, Bizzy Lizzie (Impatiens), Schefflera Actinophylla or Strelitzia Augusta, just to name some of them. You can find them in every garden centre of the Costa del Sol.
Create some water features or sculptures. It is very easy to fit lights inside the synthetic grass or paths but to avoid problems, the under soil preparation needs to be done carefully, ideally you should not have water or electrical wiring or other conduits under the grass surface.

Here at Decojardin, we continue to transform everyday gardens into sanctuaries of tomorrow, featuring our synthetic grass lines.  The garden of the future should not only be pleasing to the eye but also kind to our environment and wallet!

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