Monday, 13th July 2020
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The Perfect Lawn

The Perfect Lawn

Decojardin is dedicated to the creation of beautiful gardens that are both low maintenance and environmentally friendly. “We are able to achieve this goal through the installation of synthetic grass instead of conventional grass”.

“By reducing our individual water consumption and use of various pesticides and herbicides, we can each do our part to improve the state of our natural environment.” 
Now that summer is over and youÂ’ve had a chance to spruce up the garden by cutting back and replacing some of the plants, itÂ’s time to examine your lawn through a critical eye. Does it still show the scars of a dry hot summer such as unsightly yellow and brown patches or completely bald areas found under the inflatable pool or around the back of the house where the sun never shines? Even with continuous professional gardening, the lawn is rarely up to par and as you know the quality of the grass can make or break the overall appearance of your garden. YouÂ’re not the only one frustrated with the apparent futile efforts spent on a natural lawn. 

Our Decojardin synthetic grass is the perfect solution for all your lawn problems and by installing our beautiful grass, you too can have the lush green lawn of your dreams. 


Only in recent years has synthetic grass taken a divergent course from its origins as turf in sports arenas, stadiums, tennis courts and mini golf facilities and entered the private garden sector.  New designs were created for the private garden that are as durable as their sporty ancestors but more luxurious in texture and appearance. As that practically no work is involved in its maintenance as well as due to its aesthetic appeal, the popularity of synthetic grass exploded. Everyone marvelled with the idea of having a lush lawn that requires no mowing, watering, aerating, or fertilizing.  Our grass withstands the stress of stampeding children and pet excrements without losing its lustre and shape.  Cleaning our synthetic lawn is a snap: all you need is your garden hose and a brush!  See for yourself and ask us for samples of our grass or visit one of our many garden creations here on the coast. 

The advantages of a synthetic lawn are numerous and extend well beyond the obvious, its minimal maintenance requirements.  As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of the negative impact that our pollution and waste of natural resources has had on our delicate ecosystem. A garden featuring synthetic grass reduces your overall water expenditure by up to 70% which is a huge plus for those of us living on the coast.   Gone are the days of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides commonly used with natural grass which have cumulative and toxic effects on our environment.  With all these savings, your synthetic grass will pay for itself within 5 years!  Another key point is that although our grass is composed of a synthetic monofilament fibre, the raw materials used to fabricate it are mostly recycled products.

Here at Decojardin, we continue to transform everyday gardens into sanctuaries of tomorrow featuring our synthetic grass lines. The garden of the future should not only be pleasing to the eye, but kind to our environment and wallet!

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