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Decojardin, a family run business based in Bel Air Estepona has been creating beautiful gardens throughout the Costa del Sol over the last 12 years.

This family run business focuses on creating gardens that are ecologically congruent (or well-adapted) to our climate through the use of various gardening techniques that greatly decrease water consumption.

Jeannette, the head garden designer is dedicated to transforming average gardens into magnificent sanctuaries. By focusing on her client’s specific desires whilst using her expertise and experience, garden dreams become a reality. Jean Louis specializes in the installation of beautiful synthetic lawns that are practically maintenance-free, environmentally friendly, stay green year-round, and do not require watering.

Here at Decojardin, we recommend plants that are well adapted to our Mediterranean climate in order to prolong the beauty of our gardens as well as decrease water waste. After a hot and harsh summer, September/October is the prefect time to spruce up your garden by removing old and ill-adapted plants, trimming all your bushes and hedges and adding a bit of fertilizer. (Hopefully, your water irrigation system was appropriately adjusted to cope with summer’s intense conditions).

Instead of planting the same summer annuals again, why not try flowering plants such as Echium Fastuosum or Candicans and Agapanthus Umbellatus which are not only beautiful but also practical requiring minimal care, pesticides, and watering.


Echium Fastuosum or Candicans is also known as the Pride of Madeira as that it originated from the island of Madeira in the Portuguese archipelago. It is a half shrub half overgrown perennial that was once a common feature of Andalucian gardens. In the last 20 years it has lost some of its popularity as a result of changing fashion trends. Although it hates being restricted to small pot, once planted it will grown into a spectacular 2 m high shrub featuring an internal structure of woody branches covered by long silvery leaves above which tower multiple purple-blue or white flower clusters. It’s tough and resilient requiring only regular watering to establish itself. Once it gets going, Echium will flourish under the toughest conditions with little water, salty winds, strong sun, and even poor quality soil. It is one of the few plants that will grow under pines! A beautiful addition to any garden and can be planted as a solitary plant or in groups to cover a rocky slope.



Agapanthus Umbellatus also known as the blue flowered African lily is another impressively beautiful yet tough flowering plant that can even grown in the shade and among tree roots. Native to South Africa, Agapanthus was first brought to Europe in the 17th century by European settlers. This plant produces rich blue blooms in mid to late summer and is made up of many tubular flowers which form the flower heads known as umbels. Although it may appear a bit “sad” and may not flower the first year just wait until next year and for many years to come when you have spectacular flowers that reach a height of 1.2 m. Agapanthus will flower best when pot-bound or packed closely together in borders. Once settled, it requires minimal watering. Just remember to fertilize it monthly and cut off the dead flowers and that’s it!
Of course the list of plants to choose from goes on and on. However, make sure that when selecting plants, consider their water needs.


Through plant selection, proper maintenance of your water irrigation system and the use of various materials to cover the soil we can each do our part to minimize water waste here on the Cost del Sol.


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