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You'll find that life is still worthwhile… If you just smile

You'll find that life is still worthwhileÂ… If you just smile

It’s almost four years since The Dentist in Sotogrande opened the clinic in Galerias Paniagua and started advertising in our publications, it is therefore high time that we highlight some of the story behind the now familiar “Green Apple” and the even more familiar faces of Lotta Kure and Anders Friman that can be seen almost everywhere.

Lotta and Anders have been friends since their time at the dental College.  Lotta says:” We were on the same wavelength and we have always talked about working and having a clinic together. The years went by and though we were working in different countries, even quite far from each other, we always kept in contact and met at different dental congresses all over the world. We have finally fulfilled their ambition in Sotogrande.”

Lotta adds:” I have been in Spain for almost 13 years and finally, when Anders moved to Abu Dhabi the opportunity came up and we started our venture to together from a small locale in Paniagua. In the fullness of time we started to look for larger premises which we were lucky to find in Paniagua itself but it needed substantial renovation, particularly because we have installed all the latest equipment one can think of.” 

The Dentist in Sotogrande is a multi-specialities dental clinic covering almost all kinds of dental needs, including a specialist in Oral Surgery and an Orthodontist. Specialists are a very important facet. For example, Dr. Annika Skoglund, the oral surgeon, is an associate professor and specialist in oral surgery and implantology. She was assistant to Dr Branemark, the inventor of the implants and the pioneer of implants and oral surgery teacher to both Lotta and Anders. So far, Dra Annika has carried over 4000 implant surgeries (some 20,000 single implants).

Dr Wojtek Maroszek, the Orthodontist, is another specialist within the team. His presence oin the clinic offers children the opportunity of early fault detection and treatment with the chance to use natural growth instead of going against it, thus avoiding problems becoming worse.


The presence of specialists in our own clinic also means that we do not have to refer patients to hospitals. Many patients need multidisciplinary treatment like restoring the bite correctly. First, this means braces, and then implants to replace missing teeth and then cosmetic part at the end. All these can be carried out at the clinic.

A smile makeover patient is a person who ended up with a smile of his dreams, a beautiful natural looking smile, and full of self confidence. This is one of the first things people notice about a person. Whatever might concern you about the size, shape, placement, or colour of your teeth, smile makeovers can fix almost any problem. Gaps, chips, stains, discoloration, missing teeth, crooked teeth, short teeth, oversized teeth, slanting teeth, misaligned teeth, gummy smiles, aging dental work, and old silver filling can all be rectified beautifully, this is why the Dentist in Sotogrande have patients come to them from all distances to take advantage of the experience and artistic expertise offered in this clinic.

For a smile makeover, it important to listen to the patient’s individual desires, because everyone is different and the clinic needs to asses the factors that need to be taken into consideration to provide the satisfactory outcome. Face shape, tooth colour, tooth size are examples of factors that need to be looked at, a variety of diagnostic aids is used to correctly asses and achieve the ultimate smile makeover these include digital photos, digital x-rays, models of your teeth to analyse your bite and a ”mock-up” model is created to ensure that the dental laboratory understands unequivocally what is needed.

A smile makeover will improve the look of your smile, as well as restore any dental problems that you might have, adjust your bite and reset muscles in your jaw so that you will look good and feel great.

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