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A time to plan a visit to Disney World

A time to plan a visit to Disney World

Disney World is not coming to Manilva!

September is the time to start planning your holidays. It is the time to start considering what to do for Christmas and next year’s summer, however it is also a time to find and pick up some winter “off peak” bargains, especially if there are far away places that you really want to see.

Have you ever considered Disney World? Winter is probably the best time for it! After you make the decision to take a Walt Disney World vacation, deciding when to go is paramount. Disney World is always heaving with people, but there are substantial differences in crowds, climate and activities throughout the year. How do you decide what's best for you and your family? By researching what's going on when you want to go and comparing the pros and the cons of the season, however winter is generally a fantastic time to take the family and visit Walt Disney World.

Disney World is west of Orlando, Florida and the weather there is usually mild in winter, not so hot that you have to fight the heat and running from air conditioning to air conditioning is not a priority in the winter. Unlike summer, you can be outside and enjoy the natural area instead of trying to beat the heat by escaping inside under the air conditioning.


The other advantage is that queues in winter are not as long so you don't have to wait so long to get to your favourite attraction. For many of the attractions there is no waiting at all, you do not need to fight the crowds and you can see and do so much more in a day.

The fireworks at closing time every night are one of the main attractions. Because winter days are shorter it means that the park closes earlier and, after a long tiring day, you do not have to wait until late hours with small children to see the magnificent display.

Of course the other significant advantage is that the cost of travelling to Miami and accommodation are a lot less expensive in winter which give you an opportunity to see more of the surrounding area and visit other locations that also offer reduced prices during the low season. 

School breaks permitting, the very best time to go in winter is December, avoiding Christmas week and the week after, the high pitch of the season, in doing so you will be able to enjoy some of the remarkable American pre-xmas atmosphere.

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