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Summer fun on the Costa del Sol

Summer fun on the Costa del Sol

La Costa still is the beach of Europe

Long gone are the days of Freddie Laker or are they? Where do you think Virgin, Easy Jet, BMI and the many cheap fare airlines got the idea from? I still remember the Laker Air Terminal in Finchley Road, I used to go past it every day on my way to and from work and often did see bus loads of holidaymakers coming and going. 

Though the idea is still the same, it is a pity that today’s airlines have not adopted Sir Freddie’s perception that passengers are clients.

Well I suppose you can’t have everything, so after being transported like an object to Malaga Airport you have finally reached your summer holiday destination, La Costa del Sol, you can’t fail to notice the heat hitting your face as you take you first step on Spanish soil. Yes it’s hot and you start visualizing the beach, the ice cold drink by the swimming pool, the apartment or hotel where you will be staying. Pure bliss!!

Of course, I am sure you have probably done this before and you don’t need to imagine, you just know you are about to have the long deserved holiday you have been looking forward to for a while.

Then of course some may have taken the holiday many and many times before, even several times in the course of the year, which brings me to the point I am trying to make. Where else in the world would you be able to travel to with such ease and not too distant from home? Guaranteed sunshine and heat every July and August and more?

There is so much to do anywhere on the Costa del Sol that you are spoilt for choice and if what you might be looking for is not at walking distance it certainly is a short drive away. You certainly have no need to be stuck for a car; Bruno’s Car Hire can supply you with one of the latest air conditioned models that best suits your budget. I personally think that you do need a car, there is a lot more to the Costa than roasting on the beach, cooking your own meals and bingeing at the nearest bar.
Start with restaurants; they do not need to be that expensive. They certainly are much cheaper and better value than what you might have to pay for a meal back home. La Pappardella, Blazers, El Estribo, Miel, and many others can be found on the Web Express Guide Website, in some cases with a full restaurant review.

You certainly will need a car to visit some of the water parks and theme parks that are dotted here and there, including some inland. (search this website). 

That’s all very well if you are enjoying a family holiday, on the other hand you might want to take advantage of the many water sport activities that are available. You are on the Mediterranean shore, remember?


For example, what about some real big game fishing? Just go to Estepona Port and book your fishing experience at the Dolphin Store. As a matter fact, while there, you could make the most and even book a dolphin sight seeing trip.

Now then, what about a nice refreshing couple of hours jet skiing? Imagine driving one of those beasties at 60/70 mph? That will certainly cool you off! You can actually take a day course at the Jet Center in San Pedro, near Marbella, learn to be safe before hiring one somewhere, which you can do a lot easier when you have a licence to show for it. Even better, if you do have a holiday home you might think of making the most and actually buy one, which can also be serviced and stored for you whenever you want to.

Perhaps you like to learn something more relaxing, you certainly need to know what you are doing when sailing, but there is only one qualified sailing school on the Costa. You need to go to Sotogrande for that, the Real Club Maritimo Sotogrande (Royal Marine Club), also members of the Royal Yacht Club of Sotogrande. You can hire various types and sizes of sailing crafts from 1 hour up to a whole day, and it is not that expensive. You can also join one of the various courses that are available and then you will not need a skipper to accompany you and… whoever keeps you company.

The underwater scenery is, if you pardon the pun, breathtaking! Duquesa Diving at the Puerto de la Duquesa offer classes for beginners and at all levels. If you like to explore the marine life of the Mediterranean there is no better experience than taking a scuba tour.

If you are more adventurous you might like the high waves of Tarifa, past Sotogrande on the way to Cadiz. It is a favourite spot for surfers, but then surfing is not all you can do, the winds in Tarifa are ideal for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing, at Dragon Kite School you will be welcome whether you might be experienced or a complete beginner, guided by professional tutors.

I am sure that I have very likely forgotten to mention a great number of other activities that take place on the Costa that can add to your enjoyment, for instance, the “nightlife” can be quite an experience on its own. Night clubs, gentlemen clubs, casinos, cinemas would certainly need another article of their own while we are trying to demonstrate that there is a lot more to do on this Costa than you might dare do in summer resorts in other countries.

Apart from the feel safe factor, there is really so much to do! No wonder the resident ex pat population has been growing at an exceptional rate over the last few years!

We have mentioned some of the locations and businesses that offer activities. You will find addresses and contact numbers on the printed directory and adverts in this magazine. For sure you will find a lot more on this website. Please search the website for information, details and other activities.

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