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Plants made for scent

Plants made for scent

M&R Service says that scent brings an element of magic to the terrace or garden.

Try planting herbs such as thyme and lavender close to the paths where their fragrance will be released as you pass by. Different scents create different moods.

Brugmansia Candida - Angels trumpets. Beautiful but deadly, all parts of this plant is poisonous. The huge trumpet-like flowers are unique. Hanging down from the stems from summer to autumn, at night they give off an intoxicating fragrance. Selected forms have white, soft yellow or apricot flowers. It likes to be planted under a full sun.
Jasminum - Jasmine. Jasmine has a sweet scent that epitomizes summer for many gardeners. It is best trained against a warm wall, they flower through summer and autumn. Jasmine Mesnyi is a strong growing evergreen climber with large double yellow flowers and is ideal for covering walls & fences.


Lavandula - Lavender Lavender is a woody herb, traditionally grown for its aromatic foliage. When in flower in summer, these plants attract bees. They can quickly become untidy and benefit from cutting back in spring and late summer. Grow in full sun.
Lonicera Periclymenum - Honeysuckle While honeysuckle is renowned for its scent, it is worth knowing that not all species are scented. One of the best is Locinera Periclymenum with the added bonus of some early- and late flowering forms. With their vigorous growth honeysuckles are useful to cover pergolas and make a scented harbour; or for growing through a tree. Soil not too dry but the roots need shade. 
Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary, Romero The leaves of this Mediterranean shrub are aromatic especially in hot dry weather. Rosemary can be used as an ornamental plant or it can be clipped to make a good hedge. It has blue or violet flowers. It can be grown under full sunshine.  

Rosa - Rose There is a wide variety in the scent of roses; some have none at all while others emit a fresh, spicy or deep musk-like scent. It is perhaps the climbing roses which most attract ones attention with flowers that can smother a wall or pergola. The wild species from Asia and the numerous old garden hybrids thrive well in the Mediterranean gardens. Grow in fertile soil and in full sun.

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