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Plants made for the sun

Plants made for the sun

A few tips about sun loving plants ideal for the Costa del Sol.

Whatever you garden may look like, the needs of plants should be respected and your selection should suit the surrounding prevailing conditions. Here in Spain there is a variety of plants that just love the sun and it’s just a matter of taking one’s pick.  

Lantana; This evergreen plant is very common and popular here in Spain because of its continuous blooming in bright colours during most of the year. The individual flower heads are often multicoloured, but there is a good plain gold and a pretty white variety. They only need to be watered if they suffer from drought but never in winter. Lantana Montevidensis, this trailing purple hybrid excels as an easy and trouble-free ground cover for dry banks. It puts down roots wherever it goes and clambers into shrubs and up trellises. 

Nerium Oleander Adelfa; This evergreen plant is one of the best adapted to dry climate gardening. Oleanders are often seen growing naturally in the wild, they flower and grow best if planted in full open sun areas and given only occasional watering. Left to grow naturally the oleander will form a multi-stemmed bush, but can be easily trained into a beautiful small tree. There are many varieties but the commonest are a double pink with white streaks in the flower, a shocking pink single, a dark red semi-double. The only defect of this beautiful shrub is that all parts are very poisonous. Take care not to inhale the smoke if you ever burn some of its branches or leaves. 
Callistemon; These very useful shrubs or small trees are resistant to heat and drought, though they grow best in moist soil. Never remove the dead flower heads, since the new growth comes from the tip of the old flower. Callistemon Citrinus is a big easily grown species with spectacular scarlet bottle shaped brushes, borne mainly in early summer but sporadically all year round. The species is called ´Citrinus´ for the lemon fragrance of the leaf. 


               Beschorneria Yuccoides; This splendid plant is one of ten species related to the agaves and is native to Mexico. Bold evergreen clumps of grey-green, sword shaped leaves eventually give rise to a red stem up to 2 m high, from the end of which, bright- green tubular nodding flowers emerge from rose-red bracts in early summer. A most striking plant for a dry soil under full sunshine. 
Strelitzia;  A small group of South African perennials closely related to an in leaf resembling the bananas. Strelizia Regina, known as Bird of Paradise flower, is extremely popular with flower arrangers and makes it very exotic for Mediterranean gardens. Stelizia Augusta is more robust and tall, banana-like with white flowers. Both species like a warm sheltered position in full sunshine.

Gazania; These are splendid plants with daisy like flowers. Some bear striped flowers held above the tufted mound of foliage.  The creeping types have a silvery foliage and smaller white, yellow, double yellow or orange flowers. All Gazanias are sun-lovers and the flowers only open in the heat.


For any suggestions or further information on the above plants and other species, please Contact Rose direct at M&R Service

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Plants made for the sun

Where are the Cacti and Succulents? Why no talk of Heat and Drought tolerance when ALL of these plants will die in a severe dry hot summer. There is only one plant suitable to resist the spanish sun - Succulent plants. Dont waste your money thinking the plants outlined in the article will survive - they will do better than the rest, its a good choice of plant,but a bad choice of title.

Rated: 4/5 (31st October 2007)

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