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Parachuting & Skydiving on Costa del Sol

Parachuting & Skydiving on Costa del Sol

Experience Box offers us an insight to the exhilarating skydiving experience that anyone can now have on the Costa del Sol.

Skydiving has become one of the more popular extreme sports throughout the world today.  From the sports very humble beginnings in the 18th Century when the first parachutes were made and used, parachuting has grown and developed into the largest internationally represented aeronautical sport within the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) with the 28th World Parachuting Championships held last summer in 2006.

There are 25 Skydiving Centres in the United Kingdom – which holds the largest National Championships in 4way Formation Skydiving outside of the United States, but currently less than 10 in Spain, with only a couple within the vicinity of the south coast. However, this is no reason to miss out on the thrill of a lifetime.

Skydiving is very easy to participate in, as there is the chance to simply experience a one-off Tandem Skydive without any previous experience.  After a 20 minute briefing, your highly qualified instructor will prepare you for the skydive with a jumpsuit, harness and goggles, then he will lead you to the aircraft. Once on board your instructor will secure you to himself at four points and then it’s the climb up to 15,000 feet (3 miles high…!).  When it’s time to go the pair of you move into the door.  Ready….set…..go…, travelling a massive 125 mph in freefall for over 60 seconds until your instructor deploys the parachute at 6,000 feet.  You can now relax under a huge parachute with your instructor whilst you have a 7-8 minute parachute ride to the ground.


Two extremes are created, the fast manic feeling of freefall and the sedate floating feeling when under the parachute.  Many times very skilled camera flyers jump with tandems to capture the experience for the customer both on video and on photos – this is something you never want to forget.

Some people choose to jump in at the deep end and want to jump solo; this is also possible for people with no previous experience. The Accelerated Freefall Course offers an intensive fast-track method in to skydiving, with the chance to become a licensed skydiver at the end.  This course of 8 levels, a jump per level, starts with a full day of training and then the first three skydives are with two instructors jumping with you.  You learn about the correct freefall position, safety drills, movement in freefall and of course, opening your own parachute.

All the skydives are from 15,000 feet providing lots of “working time”, but you soon realise, this is nothing like work – the experience is amazing.

The skydiving community is small, relatively speaking, but you will never find better friends.  Due to the extreme element of the sport, everyone looks out for one another and we all find time for a beer at the end of the day.  There are many disciplines in skydiving and parachuting, many ways you can learn to fly your body in freefall and also many methods and disciplines when flying your parachute. You never stop learning, there is always something new happening.

So what do you reckon… Think you’ve got what it takes….?

Have a peep at  the website. You might like to contact Hannah direct and find out how to join in the fun.

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do you need a medical certificate as per the uk? we want to book as surprise present for friend, but cant make a surprise if you need cert in advance.

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