Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

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Looking for employment?

Looking for employment?

Sit back for a moment, close your eyes and imagine having to go back to live and probably even work in the U.K.

“You have been out to a party and got stoned. So the next day you turn up at work one or two hours late, if you do at all, and, shortly after you arrive, you go out to the local café because you must have breakfast of course (or a “hair of the dog”).

Naturally you deserve a bit of respect from your employer, after all you are doing him a favour to turn up at all and use his telephone to call your friends and his computer to surf the net and keep in touch with everyone else you know.

That bit of activity in between all of this would seem to be defined as work for which you do not seem to be paid enough, so you ask for a well deserved raise. After all, how could they cope without you? Who else would be mug enough to do the job?

When you sense that you have pushed your luck far enough and that you are going to be sacked anyway, you find some other unsuspecting employer who will buy you some more time, and leave without notice.”

Once you run out of employment options, you start looking at self employment and what ideas and clients you might pinch from others making an honest living. This is probably the reason why there are so many cowboys around.


Can you imagine this happening? No, nor can I! So what makes people think that they can do this here on the Costa del Sol?

I don’t know what happens to some people after they arrive. Do they really believe they will be on a long, life lasting holiday? Do they come here thinking that work on the Costa means pretending to do so? And, it does not just apply to employees! How many bar owners have you seen go out of business because they think they should join their clients or, even better the party, every night?

What makes some people think that they are owed a living? Going still further, it seems to extend to some people expecting to be supplied with goods and services for free. I can understand the Queen not carrying any money with her, but when a cheapskate looks for ways to underpay, not to pay and have things for nothing I think this is equivalent to theft. What make them think they are better and entitled to use and abuse others? What part of their brain gets left behind when they come to live here?

The Costa del Sol is a wonderful place where to live. It is naturally gifted with a mild Mediterranean climate, next to the sea and beaches, yet not far from mountains, lakes, rivers and forests. The food is healthy; drinks are plentiful and inexpensive by comparison, the locals are usually friendly and gregarious and life is generally jollier.

The fact that it is a nice place to live in is the bonus for which most sensible people have come to live here, the rest is the same as anywhere in the world, meaning that, unless you are retired or wealthy enough to be self supporting, then you have to work and be sensible like the rest of us, not just take the p..ss. Please do come, but with the right frame of mind.

The Costa is getting cleaned up in all respects, we are seeing this taking place on an ever increasing pace and the next decade will see even greater changes.

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