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Plants for Containers

Plants for Containers

Container planting enables you to alter the patio or terrace of your home throughout the year with instant results”.

Seasonal flowers bring a fresh look every few months and the colour schemes can be varied, effects and focal points can also be achieved with clipped topiary and large specimen shrubs.

Agave Americana/Century Plant Huge rosettes of leathery, succulent, wax-coated leaves with spiky edges.
┬┤Marginata┬┤ has leaves edged with a creamy yellow colour, the reverse of ┬┤Mediopicta┬┤, where the yellow appears as a broad central band. Place in sunny location.
Laurus Nobilis/Bay The laurel of classical literature and a plant rich in associations. Bay can be grown either as a tree or a shrub and is one of the most beautiful evergreens, with its stiff, matt green leaves and crinkled edges. It can be clipped to shape, best as a ball or a cone. Place in sun or shade. 


Yucca Filamentosa/Adam┬┤s Needle This bold foliage plant, with its firm, blade-like leaves, has spikes of white flowers. Yuccas create a symmetrical effect in a container. Place in full sun or light shade.
Phormium/New Zealand Flax These grassy plants make imposing mounds of arching, sword-like leaves. They come in a number of shapes with coloured foliage. ┬┤Nanum Purpureum┬┤ is a dwarf form, useful in smaller gardens, with leaves overlaid with a purple-bronze colour. The hybrid P. ┬┤Maori Sunrise┬ĺ has slender leaves, striped with apricot-pink and edges in bronze.Tall flower spikes sometimes appear in summer. Place in sun and light shade. 
Petunia This most popular summer bedding plant is easy to grow, happy in full sun and tolerant of little dryness at the root. It is now produced in a wide range of plain, veined, light-eyed and double flowers in almost every colour. Pinch back the growing shoots after planting and whenever the plant becomes leggy, in order to encourage flowering. 

Verbena This flower is ideal for rather dry and sunny places. They are good in pots and raised beds and come in two kinds - upright and spread - both with very brightly coloured flower-heads in white or purples, usually with a white eye. They thrive in the sun, have a long flowering season and are drought resistant.

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