Monday, 13th July 2020
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The Green Florist of Spain

The Green Florist of Spain

Not only does Rossi Luke recycle all her waste material, but she also ensures that if her flowers are not available locally, they are imported with the backing of the Fair Trade Foundation.

Rossi opened her flower shop in Sotogrande some two years ago, not only because there was the need for a well stocked and professional florist, but also because she thought that, in her small way, she could also set an example in helping to preserve our environment.

Whenever she can she will always purchase her supplies on a local basis, but then, in order to avoid buying from businesses that exploit labourers, she will only purchase flowers from suppliers named by the Fair Trade Foundation, whose job is to promote those businesses that trade fairly.


She is also setting us an example in saving the environment by recycling everything from paper to plastic.

Combine flowers with her designing and glass engraving skills and the result is a truly wonderful flower shop, well stocked with some of the most delightful colours and perfumes. Rossi’s dedication extends to providing flowers on a weekly basis for your home or your business.
The next time you need flowers, make a point to call Rossi, or even better, go there yourself.

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