Tuesday, 22nd September 2020

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Itís local elections time in Andalucia! Who are you voting for?

It’s local elections time in Andalucia! Who are you voting for?

Remember you have a right to vote and you can make a difference for the better.

Have you noticed any difference in the electoral campaign this time round? Looking at a paper the other day I noticed that most party candidates were introducing their ¬ďforeign representative¬Ē, usually a British or English speaking person.

Having witnessed Blair acting as Bush’s lap dog, it seems that even the Spanish now think that this is the way ahead to win over the backing of foreign residents, who for the majority happen to be British.

Let’s not be taken in by this sudden enthusiasm and hand-extending business, for if you do, take stock and count your fingers to make sure that none is missing.

Historically, the turn out at the regional as well as municipal ballot boxes has been between just over 60% and just under 70%, however, on this occasion, the ranks of ¬ďforeign¬Ē residents have swelled beyond recognition and they are the unknown factor that can turn over the tables.

Just taking Sabinillas as an example, only a few years ago it amounted to no more than a few village houses and a small church, most of its local inhabitants being fishermen on the dole, or just on the dole. Look at it now! Where did all the money come from to buy all those expensive cars, motorcycles and to rebuild and modernise their homes? Yes, you have guessed it, from us foreign residents who have bought all those properties and brought our money and labour to the area in order to make a living. It is not really because of the generosity and desire to make this an attractive tourist area that it has grown to this extent. No, just read the papers and see how many mayors and developers have been arrested so far, albeit pending final judgement.

And that is not all. Are you not fed up with the bikes running trough town, especially in summer, emitting noise and pollution well over the limits of legal tolerance? Are you not fed up with the loud music and noises in the streets in the middle of the night and early hours of the morning?  


What about the simpletons that go round and round in their vehicles and park in front of your home with the radio blaring so loud that you can’t even hear the TV in your own home, with the double glazed windows shut?

Blaring music through the street, under hotel windows is not my way of attracting tourists who come for holidays to relax. Yet the municipal police seem to do very little about it, they are too busy towing foreign cars away for cash.

Well what do you expect when the mentality of the majority of candidates cannot reach beyond wanting to be seen to cater for the young in order to get their Spanish votes? They seem oblivious to the fact that catering for the young actually means providing and encouraging good education and fitness, mental and corporal, not uncontrolled amusement and liberty taking, which encourage drugs usage and trafficking. Building schools with the money acquired through us foreign residents is not enough; the standard of teaching must also improve and not left in the hands of the local village housewives.

No wonder these youngsters hardly show any I.Q. whatsoever. So much for the future in the hands of the present generation, just look at them! They are probably exactly as their parents were, except that they used mules then.

What about parking? Are we not fed up with paying fines for the sake of providing salaries for the municipal police? Well I have seen them putting a fine on my car on a loading bay and overlooking the other on the Zebra Crossing because he was a local. They certainly have not caught the driver that damaged my car nor did they ever turn up when my daughter’s house was broken into.

I could go on, but I like it here and I want it to be a better place for me, my children and for the local Spanish too.
This tells me that I am looking for a candidate who has not been in power before, of a different party and not related to ex mayors or worse, arrested.

I am looking for a candidate who is not splashing money away to have his face printed larger than the opposition. We are not measuring the size of d¬Ös here. I am looking for a candidate who seems prone to listening to common sense and not the size of his/her pocket.
Taking the kids for a ride on a train for a couple weeks will soon be forgotten immediately after the elections. None of the above impresses me; on the contrary, it highlights the level of personal greed.

Use your common sense, it may be impossible to find a 100% honest un-bribable politician anywhere in the world, but do look around carefully, find the next best person and vote, vote with us foreign residents in mind too, we deserve a lot more respect than we are getting.

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