Monday, 21st September 2020
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Mediterranean Favourite Plants

This month we present an update with a collection of Mediterranean Trees.

Mediterranean Trees

This month Renaldo updates us with a collection of Mediterranean Trees for your collection.

Brachychiton – Flame Tree
Reaches 30 meters. A good specimen tree grows into a pyramid shape with large maple like leaves. In spring, leaves will fall and the bare branches are covered in bright red bell shaped flowers. Very showy.

Terminalis – Cedar Wattle
A quick growing tree, up to 20 meters. It produces pale ball shaped yellow flowers in summer.

Golden Cypress
Very elegant in the garden. Small foliage trees growing up to 5 meters with a spread of 4 meters. Slow growing with golden leaves.

Ficus Nitida – Wild Fig Family
Grows up to 5 meters. Perfect for the average garden, used as a feature tree, ideal at the entrance to the house as they can be shaped into any desired shape. A quick grower in good garden soil.



Large trees up to 10 meters tall, having a spreading crown.  Soft green leaves, lavender blue hanging flowers 50mm long in clusters.  Beautiful display in spring.  Grow fast, greedy feeders, so make sure you do not plant them next to flower beds as they will suck up all the water.

4 to 6 meters is a good average height, can grow taller over time. Lovely flowers, heavily fragrant.  Flowers on bare branches in spring make a spectacular display in the deciduous species. With the evergreen species the flowers are of a waxen perfection and appear among the glossy leaves. Dislike transplanting so be sure you plant them where you want them when they are large, buy small plants and be patient.  Like good soil, do not like wind and like a good watering.

Phoenix Caraniensis – Date Palm
Grows to 15 meters or more, trunk up to 1 meter in diameter. Arching leaves up to 6 meters long forming a dense crown.  Showy orange fruits borne in cluster.

An evergreen tree grown for attractive foliage. Bears small flowers. Can be grown in the shrub border or pruned when young to make attractive specimen trees. Can also be clipped to form dense hedges. Wind resistant  Not fussy about the soil. Easy growing.

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