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The Koi carp invasion

The Koi carp invasion

A fascinating hobby explained by The Koi Hacienda

In the past some garden designs would change little throughout their lifetime. Nowadays however, we like to follow fashion trends and occasionally change the design or the look of our precious gardens.

Today, Japanese inspired gardens are very “chic” and popular. In fact, everything that relates to the Orient, Zen or ying and yang is fashionable and a possible boom is expected this year. Water is an essential part of this type of garden and what’s more, a garden with water features is a must! Water attracts and fascinates; with its soft friendly noises it will help you to relax, unwind and chill out.

Including Koi will add to the pleasure, by bringing you peace, distraction and joy; helping you to Meditate in your own backyard!

The real Koi carp invasion began some 20 years ago, with imports from Japan and today it is growing more popular worldwide.

Spain however is one of the last countries in Europe to be conquered by the Koi carp revolution. Here in Andalusia, keeping Koi as a hobby is still at its infancy and to the average Spaniard, fish is only for the barbeque. There are very few Spanish books, magazines or reference material available for those wishing to take up this fascinating pastime.

In the north of Spain there is a little more interest and even two small clubs for Koi fans. There are those from other parts of Europe, more familiar with the keeping of Koi, now living in Spain and as a result of this, the hobby may well become more popular, as the native Spanish discover the hobby for themselves and learn how intelligent and beautiful Koi can be.


Koi keeping is a fascinating hobby with its own stories, myths and ancient traditions.

Before rushing out to buy some of these beauties, there are some facts you need to know and consider. First, the garden pond, a Koi pond is theoretically, a hole in the ground filled with water, but there the resemblance ends. Koi are unlike goldfish in their requirements and you should be aware that good water quality is vitally important and should be your first consideration towards your Koi.

A pond that is well stocked with plants will provide a good natural supply of oxygenated water and will keep the fish happy. Koi tend to spend most of their day searching for food at the bottom of the pond. The pond water should provide them with food, oxygen and a hiding place; although as they grow there may come a time when natural filtration will need subsidising. To keep healthy Koi, there will be some initial investments to be made and a few rules to learn and adhere to.

The best advice is, to build a proper Koi pond from the outset and to get it right first time. Never try to cut corners on space, either for the pond or the filtration system. By following this advice, your fish will be happier and healthier leaving you to simply enjoy them, all year round.

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Are Koi Still classed as banned in Spain?

Are Koi Still classed as banned in Spain? It seems a crazy rule can anyone share any info on this please?

Rated: 5/5 (10th May 2020)

Editor's comments: It would seem so. I enclose a link of an article that refers to this situation. Editor


what sought of temperature would the pond water get to in the height of summer and how would this affect the koi carp

Rated: 5/5 (12th July 2013)

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