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Creating a Feng Shui Garden

Creating a Feng Shui Garden

The Feng Shui garden provides a peaceful place to be at one with nature

The size of your Garden is irrelevant when it comes to planning and layout. The basic Feng Shui principles of the Five Elements, the Bagwa or Pa Kua, the significance of compass directions and the Nine Basic Remedies apply equally to your garden and your home.

The Garden is the Yin and the home is the Yang, so the overall effect of your garden should convey the balance of Yin and Yang. There should also be a balance in the way straight lines and angles associated with the house are complimented to achieve that balance. Flower beds and curved paths can be used to counterpoint and balance the straight lines of a house.

Balance can be achieved in the garden with the use of contrasting textures, such as the roughness of rocks joining the smooth surface of water. The contrast of rocks and water also represents the balance of stillness (rocks) and movement (water) and the harmony of humans and nature. The size of your garden may make it difficult to include a watercourse. This can be overcome with the simple addition of a birdbath or fountain.


It is good Feng Shui to reduce Sha (negative energy) when using paving, by avoiding the use of overtly straight lines. Curved paving stones are best, but straight-edged paving stones laid in curved lines or a herringbone pattern will help break up the edges and encourage Chi (positive energy). If you have a large existing paved area which is impractical to re-lay, the careful placing of a table and chairs or plants according to Feng Shui principles will enhance the Chi flow.

It's ideal Feng Shui for the boundaries of your property to be of curved walls or irregular shaped hedges and flower beds rather than high straight fences. If your boundaries are made of high fences they can be easily broken up with flower beds or creeping vines. The principle behind applying Feng Shui to the garden is to ensure that it is balanced within itself in all areas and then balances with the home located within it. Remember that the components of your garden such as pathways, garden beds, fences and retaining walls all play an important role in balancing Feng Shui.

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