Monday, 21st September 2020
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The roof terrace

The roof terrace

This month Renaldo shows us how to get the best from our roof terrace

Having just completed another successful Show Garden at the Homes and Gardens Exhibition in Malaga, we were amazed at how many people approached us requesting information and a visit to their homes to assist them with designing and installing a garden on their roof terrace.

This is a really special “spot” from where to view the surrounding areas whether they are sea views, town views or mountain views.

By designing a roof garden and incorporating all the essentials of a garden, you will be surprised at just what can be accomplished and just how rewarding your special space can be.

First look at what your needs are and what you really want the most. We have made a list of suggestions which we feel are all necessary additions to a Roof Terrace Garden. 


  • Timber is a wonderful versatile material; a timber deck can be combined with rails, fences, seats, steps, screens and pergolas. Remember a deck can be a basis for a whole outdoor room.
  • Grass! There’s a new product from Holland, that’s ideal for your Roof Terrace. It looks completely natural and is absolutely maintenance free. A fibre tested over many years, sun resistant and hard wearing that always looks good. You will not believe the difference it makes to a paved area!
  • Mist and fog - a water misting and cooling system: Keeps plants moist and healthy.
  • A Pergola - Essential for shade and comfort.
  • A Spa bath - A perfect place to unwind and relax.
  • A Barbeque - Essential for outdoor living and dining
  • A Water feature - Can be free standing or against a wall.
  • Planting boxes - The ideal way to create a garden on a Roof Terrace is by means of raised planting areas.
  • Lighting - The new innovative led lights, makes any area a wonderland.

Always remember to draw a plan on paper, set out the features you would like incorporated in your Roof Terrace. Once you know what you want you can call in the Companies who deal with the above mentioned products. Th e above ingredients will ensure that your roof terrace will be a stunning place in which to chill out and enjoy summer and winter.

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