Friday, 14th August 2020
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Enjoy your garden

Enjoy your garden

Its good exercise and very rewarding; Renaldo reminds us of the pleasure of gardening this month

Gardening can be hard work, but the beauty of having your own garden is that you can do things gradually, from time to time you can make changes, add new features, create areas of relaxation and areas for entertaining. Whether you have a blank canvas or an existing garden, start by working on individual areas. Do not try to tackle the entire garden at once; gardening should be fun. Keep it simple, add low maintenance areas using paving, gravel, decking or stepping stones.

Make sure you have an area in the garden where you can sit in the shade and relax, set yourself daily and weekly goals; little and often does work. This way you can enjoy your gardening and let your creativity work for you, be adventurous and if you are artistic, experiment. Choose pots and tubs to compliment your architecture and colour scheme; why not paint a mural on the garden wall? Or try a wildlife garden, the possibilities are endless.

Plant and colour wise, put in only those things that appeal to you, your garden should reflect your individual style and personality.


Use plants that are suitable for a Mediterranean garden (remember we have very long and dry summers) for small gardens, it is recommended to use an automatic irrigation system. This not only saves water by being programmable, but is a godsend if you go away for any length of time during the summer or only own a holiday home in Spain. Besides your normal choice of plants, creepers are a must; ideal for covering pergolas and climbing walls and thus taking care of the glare on summer days. The traditional Grape vine makes a perfect umbrella, it can be trained to grow on any structure, it loves sunny areas and is ideal to sit under; the grapes of course are an added bonus.

Water features are a must, there is nothing nicer then the sound of water in the garden, plus on hot days it acts as a natural air conditioner and also encourages birds into the garden. Easy gardening in pots or containers is so rewarding; create a herb garden on a terrace or patio or create the feeling of a tropical island by using tropical plants with vibrant colours. Enjoy the long summer days and balmy nights on the Costa in your own piece of paradise; happy gardening!

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