Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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A facelift without surgery

by Helga Kistenich

Mesotherapy is the latest way of sculpturing your face and neck in a healthy way without recourse to surgery. The results are a more natural looking when compared to previous surgical techniques.
As people become older they lose facial fat, often called Lipoathropy, this is the loss of fat beneath the skin, often shown by sunken cheeks, indentations, and hollow eyes.

This condition can now relieved with safe and biocompatible fluids to sculpt and rejuvenate the face and neck so the whole face will change in a natural way. The wrinkles will flatten, but not in the way that your face will look like a masque.

Over a treatment period of 4 months, your face will slowly look younger, people will see that you are looking good but they will not realise why.


How does it work?
Mesotherapy works by injecting various fluids into the layers of skin on your face and neck. In a single session the fluids will moisturise your cells, another will provide your cells with nutrients, such as vitamins C, E and antioxidants. Others will give your cells a push to rebuild and lose fat under the wrinkles or dissolve fat from other areas, thus levelling and smoothing the skin.

Treatment of the whole face and neck is usually kept to 3 sessions over a 4 month period, during which time our doctors will closely monitor any allergic reaction to the different treatments.
After the full treatment the effect will last round around 2 years.

We also offer a special package to help you and your skin look much better and prolong the effects of the Mesotherapy. These will be different treatments of HRT and nutrients and drinking water as well as advice on healthier living.  

For further information please call 952 857 030

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