Monday, 25th May 2020
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Your Spanish Garden

Your Spanish Garden

This month Renaldo looks at the perfect Spanish garden for you.

Note the direction that the wind usually blows from; certain plants of Mediterranean origin don’t like excessive wind. One such is the Coco Plumosa palm tree, it’s a highly attractive tree, but placing it in a windy spot will mean the leaves will always look tatty.

Mark off areas of hard landscaping on a plan, such as patios, pathways, the pool and drive way. A water feature is an essential par of a Mediterranean garden as it provides a cooling effect during the long summer days. Other features of interest are a herb garden, seating areas, decking and play areas for children.

If you are planting a garden from scratch you will certainly need to plant trees or shrubs to provide shady areas. Plant trees in groups for effect, making sure you select trees that will not grow too large for the space provided for them. Keep in mind that some trees have extensive root systems that if planted too close to walls or the house, can cause damage to the foundations.


A good look is to go for trees in different shades of green to make a cool and classic look that is pretty all year round. For low maintenance, go for trees that do not shed their leaves, most of the flowering trees are messy and loose their leaves in winter.
Create beds that have movement and a natural flow, experiment with flowing lines and semi circles, completing the look with colourful ground cover plants.

Never be shy to ask for tips and advice from your local garden centre for sun or shade loving plants, mistakes can be costly. Some recommended plants for your Mediterranean garden are, Lavender, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Eugenia, Camellia, Juniper and Prunus. For trees, go for Cypress, Eucalyptus or various types of palm.

Spain is rich in beautiful trees and plants for your garden so you should be able to find something to suit you, happy gardening!

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