Tuesday, 14th July 2020

This Month's Magazine


We have had a record response to our last edition. Who says the Costa is in the "doldrums"?

This month’s edition has been a real magic act to put together. We have had so much response from our readers and new clients to accommodate that at one point it didn’t look as if it was all going to fit! But thanks to our fantastic designer and some really hard work on the part of all our staff, we have managed to produce a really bumper Easter edition.

If you were to take notice of the other free publications on the coast, you would think that the Costa del Sol is in some kind of doldrums. That isn’t the case, yes; its hard work to run a successful business,


but that is true wherever you live. The reason we have been so busy here at Web Express Guide is that we do work hard to produce a magazine that is worth picking up and indeed worth reading, this is proved true by our ever growing list of satisfied readers and customers.

on’t forget, we print the Web Express Guide to tell people we are on line; our web site is one of the most informative and professional plus a powerful on line marketing tool.


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