Friday, 14th August 2020
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Accessorise your garden

Accessorise your garden

No garden is complete without personal accessories, so says Renaldo this month

Accessories are what give your garden personality and interest, be bold when you accessorise and make sure it reflects your style.
By treating your garden as a blank canvas you can add as much interest as you like, the possibilities are endless.

Bird baths are an attractive way to entice wildlife into your garden and give plenty of activity to watch as they enjoy splashing around.
Place the bird bath so as to get the best view of it from the house or patio.

Pots come in many exiting and decorative styles and shapes, consider setting them at various levels to create a cascade of colour.

Sculptures will provide a vocal point of interest. Either a single statue or a group of figures placed at angles around the garden and in shady nooks give the eye something to wander around.

Wall features such as weatherproof items collected on your travels, can be displayed to great advantage on the garden wall. Try mounting ethnic masks, pottery figurines or plates.

Mosaics can be embedded into walls and floors or used as surface decoration for structures such as brick built benches and tables.
Ponds always arouse interest and can liven up a space that would otherwise lack a focal point. Ponds and water features can be as large or small as space permits and can contain a fountain, fish, plants or whatever takes your fancy.

Water features can transform your garden into a haven, where you can enjoy the delightful sounds of water. There are lots of small self contained water features that don’t involve the need for building, visit your local nursery to look at the possibilities.

Edging flower beds in the garden rounds them off perfectly and adds a touch of interest. When selecting an edging, consider the size and style of your garden, the options include, bricks or pavers, paving slabs, rail way sleepers, cobble stones or even metal strips, perfect for a contemporary garden.


Edging in the garden is ideal for preventing the lawn from creeping in amongst your plants and creates a neat edge to the lawn, as well as creating visual interest.

Mistcaping is a new and innovative idea, which was launched recently; it is a unique and exiting way of adding fog to standard water features in the garden.

Used in all areas of the garden, near terraces, pool area, decking or by the Jacuzzi for a cooling and visual, tropical effect.
Optical lighting can create a magical look to your garden and can be placed almost anywhere, but is really effective in swimming pools, in pathways and around gazebos and other outside constructions, good lighting makes the garden a place to be enjoyed long into the evening.

By placing different coloured bulbs in various parts of the garden you can create different moods or even open up parts of the garden that may have been previously ignored.

The only thing holding you back when accessorising the garden is your imagination, so be adventurous and remember there are no rules! What works for you may not work for somebody else, however, the garden is like art and you can give your imagination free rein.

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